Sunday, March 8, 2009

First true FOTD!

My first true FOTD, as in the picture was actually taken during day time and this is usual my day time makeup, as bare as possible :) And yeah, you will see repeats of some products, sorry. I know, I need to rotate my makeup soon. That's going to be a goal for next weekend!

- Maikohan UV Compact Powder SPF 19+ PA++ (t-zone only)
- T'estimo Color Lighting EX-09
- T'estimo Color Cheek OR-16

- Etude House Orgel Light Eyes #03 - White Pink (hey, at least I'm keeping my promise of posting a true FOTD with this palette!)

- Lorac Mocktail in Guava Tiki with Lava Flow blended in the center part of both lips


Citrine said...

I like your second picture, it's so glowy and your hair looks nice ...And you look gimme-my-money-back in your last post...the 2nd one was funny...

The shade for that etude palette is so pretty, I love teal stuff...But I think I will probably never get anything from they because they have been copying Anna Sui on a loads of products...(Blotting paper case, mirror, even the palette reminds me of the old Anna Sui powder case...)

Not that I am protective of the brand Anna Sui (I bash it all the time), it's just the knock-off isn't even that pretty, Sally Hansen copied some MAC and Tarte...but I think they grab the essences beautifully...

Dalenna said...

Hey Citrine!

Aww..shanks! Yes, I have a knack of taking funny pictures. I think I'm just really uncomfortable in front of the camera, but I always ended up making funny faces :D

Oh yeah, I did notice that Etude House's packaging is very similar to that of Anna Sui. But then I've only used Anna Sui Lip Rouge Jar before and I haven't tried anything else other than that, so it doesn't bother me. Also, the Etude House stuff is mostly unscented. The eye shadow trios I have are also baked, so to me they're pretty far removed from Anna Sui LOL

But I do understand what you're saying. If I were using Anna Sui for a long time like you have been, I would have felt a bit slighted with Etude House's copy cat packaging too.

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