Sunday, April 5, 2009

DHC Revitalizing Moisture Eye Strips

Tearing into the DHC Revitalizing Moisture Eye Strips, which are supposed to be gel strips, so I was expected something along the line of the Hadabisei Under Eye Gel Masks. Instead, I was totally thrown off by these sheet mask-like under eye strips that are completely dry! Peeling them off of their plastic sheet cover, their other side is indeed gel, but the gel side, too, felt dry and boy were they S-T-I-C-K-Y, much more so than the Hadabisei ones!

According to the instructions on the DHC North America website, you are supposed to leave these gel strips on for 20-30 minutes or even over night for a more intensive treatment. But as you'd guess, applying these was much more difficult than applying the Hadabisei strips, because they were that much stickier. They totally adhered to my skin like a sheet of gel adhesive!

After half an hour or so, the skin around my eye area felt really tight because, I guess, the gel strip was drying up. I started doubting whether going to bed with these on would be a good idea since they were already tugging on my fragile under eye skin, but I ended up leaving them on in bed anyway. I woke up at around 4 A.M. and proceeded to take them off, expecting them to pull on my skin. Surprisingly though, they didn't! The area underneath my eye felt nice and soft too! It was a strange experience, but I guess that's just how these eye strips work! I examined my under eye area later in the morning when I actually got out of bed, and they weren't puffy as they would get whenever I over-moisturize them. So yes, I would buy these again, although I think I like the Hadabisei strips better.


Yolanda said...

OMG, I just found your blog from doing a google search on eye lift srips. I am so going to have to add your blog to my blog. I have only used DHC products when I would get samples in the mail, but I will have to order this product. I am looking for something to help shape,contour and lift my eyes. I am 39 but get mistaken for someone in my mid to late 20s and I want to keep it that way. So, whatever I can do to enhance the eye and eyelid area, I will try it. Thanks for creating such an informative blog.

Dalenna said...

Hi Yolanda!

You are very welcome! I'm glad you found the review helpful :)

I don't know if these DHC Revitalizing Moisture Eye Strips will help shape, contour and lift, but they were definitely moisturizing. In fact, they are my go to eye treatment whenever I'm too lazy for anything else. They are so simple: apply and sleep! Works for me :D

Have fun experimenting!

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