Monday, April 13, 2009

VOV Daily Fresh Mask Strawberry Yogurt Collagen

I got this VOV Daily Fresh Mask in Strawberry Yogurt Collagen solely because the packaging was attractive :) What, you don't think all those strawberries in the glass jar looks yummy enough to slather all over your face? :P

VOV is a Korean brand that makes interesting-looking makeup and skincare products. I'm eyeing a few eye and face palettes from this brand. The problem is G-market doesn't like my Powerbook, so I'm left to the mercy of the Ebay sellers, and we all know they aren't very nice when it comes to cut throat prices. Sigh...we'll see. If I'm desperate enough I'll pay the price. Until then, I'll just go screen shopping :D

Anyhoo, back to the Strawberry Yogurt Collagen mask. Actually, it was kind of disappointing. First off, it was a bit too harsh for my skin. The moment I put it on, the area above my lips started to burn. I wasn't surprised as this usually happen with a product that has lots of alcohol in it. Secondly, the word strawberry yogurt made me think the essense would be milky, but opening the package I thought, Heeeeey, where's my milky yogurt?!? The essence turned out to be crystal clear! Come on, yogurt isn't supposed to be clear, folks! Where's my yogurt? Not just that, the mask's scent reminds me of...medicine. It smelled like strawberry cough syrup with hints of yogurt, and I didn't really dig that. And last but not least, it was kind of expensive, $3.50 per mask.

So yeah, my conclusion is just to skip it.


Mukho said...

Hi Dalenna, Long time! :)
I've been rather busy, but I hope to post and visit regularly from now. (That sounds suspiciously familiar, lol, like I've said it before too :)
I wonder if this vov is the same vov we get in India. Dont know if its Korean, but the packaging has lots of far east Asian looking script in it. I have a loose powder, its quite nice. But yeah, expecting strawberry yogurt and finding a harsh clear gel can be very disappointing :(

Dalenna said...

Hey Mukho!

It has been a long time indeed! *hugs* How are you? I've been sluggish on my posts too! Just not really inspired to try lots of new things, probably because I've been buried with work. May be (hopefully) when things calm down a bit I will have more time to play with all the pretty girly things :)

Hmm...does the script looks like lines and circles/ovals? Because if it does, it's definitely Korean :)

Welcome back :) Miss ya!

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