Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Maquillage Pure Lip Base

Oh man, 2 consecutive duds in a row, first with the recent Canmake Jewelstar Eyes, and now this useless Maquillage Pure Lip Base. DOH.

Having loved the Maquillage Lip Essence, I dove for this Pure Lip Base when it came out. And plus looking at that translucent juicy red from the pictures, how I can not drool? Seeing that it's called a "Lip Base," I was expecting for it to have a gloss-like texture even with that odd looking, flat trowel-like plastic tip applicator. I had good experience with a spatula plastic tip applicator through another Maquillage product, the Glossy Gloss, so I was looking forward to trying yet another new type of applicator.

Unfortunately, however, this Pure Lip Base was a total let down. It turned out to have a gel-like texture and was more of a lip stain than a lip base, but mind you, this was not what disappointed me. I like lip stains, even if I don't have much experience with them. While this lip stain applied clean and dried down quickly, it was so drying I was wondering where they got the lip base part! I thought a lip base was supposed to be, well, a base, not to dry out your lips! And hell, it wasn't even much of a lip stain anyway! It gave me barely ANY stain at all, just a sad sad hint of color and I wouldn't say my lips are that particularly pigmented in any way.

So you're probably thinking, but Dalenna, you said many times in the past you like sheer lip colors. Yep, I sure do. I usually like sheer lip glosses because they provide either moisture or shine or both, and I'm super lazy most of the time and don't want to be bothered with colors. If I wanted color, I'd use, well, a lip tint or a stain underneath a sheer gloss, a lip stick, or a more pigmented lip gloss. If I wanted just plain moisture, I'd use a balm. But this Pure Lip Base, I can't think of a damn thing it'd be good for. It wasn't glossy, moisturizing, in fact it was drying, and it had no color. So why was I using this thing again? Yeah, I'm not too sure I'd use it again actually. What a piece of crap!


Citrine said...

But...the packaging is so cute...

I am guessing it's called a base in a sense that most Japanese lipstick/gloss are quite sheer (and moisturizing) so it would be nice to have some cherry tint peeking through from the bottom...Most of the lipstain are drying anyway so I wouldn't expect too much. (Stila cherry crush was quite moisturizing but the unit price was insane, it's like I spend 24bucks on it and it just ran out within a month, with not even daily usage...)

Dalenna said...

Hey Citrine,

Well, the problem is there was no cherry tint peeking through from the bottom...At least the drying lip stains have color!

Oh I know what you mean. Stila is insanely expensive. May be it's the packaging we're paying for. No, what am I talking about? It's definitely the packaging we're paying dearly for.

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