Friday, January 14, 2011

Hase-dera, Kamakura, Kanagawa

After Tsurugaoka and Kotoku-in, we arrived at Kaikozan Jishoin Hase-dera (not to be confused with the other Hase-dera in Nara) with only 30 minutes left before the temple closes for the day. We went in anyway for a quick look, again, which was a shame and hubby and I will have to come back another time to take it more slowly.

The entrance gate from the inside. I didn't take one from the outside because, well, we were in a hurry to get through the gate before the last admittance 30 minutes before closing LOL!

A little pond inside the gate, there were kois in the pond, even though it was very cold! Then again, it rarely gets below freezing here, so I guess there's no danger of the water freezing and hurting the fishies.

Flower offerings

One of the halls, this one housing a large wooden Kannon (Guanyin) statue and a gift shop.

This hall houses an Amitabha Buddha statue.

A bamboo grove behind one the inner halls.

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