Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jonathan's Coffee and Restaurant

Hubby and I kept walking by Jonathan's Coffee and Restaurant but were never really tempted to try, after all, we live down the street from a Denny's and from the look of the menu, Jonathan's seems to a competitor serving very similar foods. Yeah, well, at least that was our thought process when we were not cold, tired, and hungry.

After walking around Meiji Jingu, none of us had any energy left to walk around in search of an interesting place to eat in Harajuku. That was when Jonathan's jumped out at us, being right beneath that flashing screen at a major intersection. Talk about good location!

My sister ordered a hamburger set with sides of corn and baked potato. Hamburger means 2 things in Japan - a hamburger sandwich, or a meatloaf made of ground beef and smothered with some sort of gravy. In this case, it is the latter. She gave me a bite and it wasn't too bad, but I would never order it for myself. The set comes with American-portioned (read gigantic) soup and rice.

I had the teriyaki chicken set with sides of corn, potato wedges, and a soft boiled egg. The garlic bread was extra. The teriyaki chicken was tender and great, and the corn was sweet and yummy, but my egg was cold as if it had been previously refrigerated, so that was kind of...disgusting...I chose red bean rice instead of regular steamed white rice so it had this nutty taste that was really nice! The soup was ho-hum though, unfortunately, because it came it a huge bowl hubby had to help me eat it and even then, he couldn't finish it! The garlic bread was meh - I can make better garlic toast, to be honest.

My brother ordered curry fried rice with grilled chicken and sides of broccoli and corn. Oh, and he ordered extra garlic bread too. We all shared a small pizza, which wasn't too bad, only the cheese wasn't mozzarella, so it was a tad odd.

Hubby ordered a hamburger with avocado and salsa, which he said was yummy after inhaling it in minutes.

Overall, we had a nice dinner that didn't break our piggie bank, but if hubby and I were left to our own device, we'd rather not eat there again ^.^

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