Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SkinFood Lettuce & Cucumber Water Jelly Essence

I've been staying away from the SkinFood Lettuce & Cucumber range after I found out they've got lots of alcohol in them. The Emulsion was alright, but the Jelly Cream wasn't moisturizing enough, and the Water Drop Essence dried out my skin like crazy! But then again, my skin's was so dry I thought I'd give this Water Jelly Essence a try, but only because I haven't tried this item in the range and I'm curious :P

Just like its namesake, this essence is a very runny jelly that has pretty pastel green shimmers in it. That said, what a totally useless ingredients. If this is an essence then it's meant to be used before moisturizers, so what's the point of having pretty shimmers when they're all going to be buried away underneath something else? Annoying, isn't it? If I want to look pretty, I'd put on makeup, not skincare essence! Anyway, it does have the same fresh fragrance and same pretty translucent shimmering green glass packaging as the rest of the line. Oh, and the hygienic pump dispenser too, just like the Water Drop Essence. And although I don't have the ingredients list, I suspect it does contain an oil ingredient and therefore labeled it both a moisturizer as well as a hydrator.

This Water Jelly Essence is not so bad, actually. It absorbs very quickly, though my skin does feel somewhat moisturized afterwards instead of nothing at all. So far, together with The Body Shop Cucumber Cleansing Milk it has been keeping my skin happy and flake free, even though during the day I layer on a much lighter moisturizer and then sunscreen. I'm actually really surprised it hasn't been aggravating my dry skin as I suspect it does contain a good amount of alcohol, not to mention all the alcohol in my sunscreen. Perhaps I'm speaking too soon after only 2 weeks of use, in the morning and at night. We'll see. I'll update again later.

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