Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Agnes B. 2010 Spring-Summer Collection Mook

One of the most popular and elusive mooks out there, the Agnes B. 2010 Spring-Summer Collection Mook. It took me months to locate one!

Why? Because the mook features a really nice and well made cotton canvas freebie tote and heart logo charm!

It measures 29.5(height) x 44(length) x 12(width) cm with no pockets inside or outside.

The tote is actually quite large, and the canvas material is adequate, not too thick but not too thin either.

The heart logo is super cute in red, matching the red heart prints on the tote.

Even the back of the charm is inscribed with the Agnes B. name.

The tote is not lined, but the craftsmanship is impressive, so impeccable it looks like something sold in the stores and not a mere freebie bag (well, you technically pay for it along with the mook or magazine but...)! I'm so happy to have found yet another excellent quality freebie! In a previous post I said I only have a couple backissues before I can put together a list of Favorite Freebies for 2010. Well, I was wrong. I actually have several mooks published in 2010 that I haven't even touch! By the time I get around to posting my 2010 favorites, it'll probably be time for 2011 favorites...sigh.

Over all, I found a few interesting pieces from the mook, like this black and white stripey number (middle), but over all, it was pretty bland.

Here's a top similar to the above, only in charcoal and black stripes.

The black and white gingham shorts definitely got my attention though ^.^

Picture of the model with the freebie tote.


E said...

Your blog is amazing! (^o^) I found it while searching for Japanese hair care product reviews. I am hopeless in general about beauty products and I appreciate your educational posts!

D. said...

Hi Erica!

Thank you for reading and leaving a comment ^.^

I wouldn't go as far as to say my posts are educational but I am very happy you found them helpful.


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