Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mono Max February 2011

Bought this February 2011 issue of Mono Max for hubby because it came with a Lanvin gadget pouch. Yes, men's magazines come with freebies too, though mostly "manly" things like gadget pouches (like this one), messenger bags, totes, wallets, etc.

Not that hubby accessorizes or anything, and there's nothing wrong if he does ^.^ just that I noticed his iPod's been naked all this time! He used to have a holder for it, but the holder mysteriously disappeared one day without me noticing. Poor thing...
The issue also came with a pamphlet of "gadgety" items for under 10,000yen (about $120), I suppose Valentine's Day gift ideas for him to drop hints with?

I didn't have any expectation for this pouch, because I've never bought a men's magazine before and therefore can't really gauze the quality of the freebies that come with them. However, I am happy to report the Lanvin pouch is of excellent quality!

It's made of soft leather-like thick PVC and measures 14(length) x 9.5(height) x 3(width) cm. It's very decently padded, save to carry an expensive gadget though I suspect it's just 2 layers of the thick PVC sewn together.

All the inside seams are covered with polyester fabric, but that's not the "special feature" of the pouch.

Inside the pouch has a cool white ink print of the Eiffel Tower and a cathedral I don't know, along with the brand name, Lanvin en Bleu ^.^

Hubby likes the pouch a lot, because it's very roomy and fits his iPod, headphones, and the occasional knick-knack he throws in. At the same time, it's not too big that it can't fit into the front pocket of his messenger bag. At first he wasn't too thrilled with the idea of having a gadget pouch for his iPod and I had to threaten to steal it before he finally reluctantly stored his iPod in it. But now he won't part with it and takes it everywhere with him ^.^

As for the magazine, he asked, "What do I do with this?" LOL


kuri said...

Ooh, I thought about buying this for myself, but I don't really need it :P

D. said...

Hi kuri!

Let's just say it took me THIS much self restraint to not "borrow" it from my hubby xD

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