Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mini April 2011 (Picture Heavy!)

Mini April 2011 is another really fun issue to look at, not to mention it comes with a MilkFed flannel tote in a black and white buffalo check print!

The tote measures 24(height) x 19.5(length) x 12(width) cm and is made of flannel cotton fabric with polyester lining.

I have mix feelings about this tote. While it's cute, the flannel material is rather thin and flimsy and I bet it will pill and ball up like crazy with use. The craftsmanship is kind of sloppy, especially around the base of the handles where threads overlap each other. It's white thread too on the black portions of the check, so it totally jumps out at you and not something you can just ignore and pretty tend it doesn't exist.

On the other hand, it is lined with a pretty lavender polyester fabric, has an interior pocket and button closure. I guess I'm just really picky and this is a perfectly usable tote :P

And what I meant with this issue being fun is that it has tons of fashion stuff, particularly most of the clothes featured aren't too trendy and more on the classic feminine side. That means many of these outfits will definitely outlive the seasonal collection changes.

The baggy jeans that are back in this season and denim overall shorts and skirts.

And the next several pages are all on denim! Colored, distressed, and jeans in different washes on the left and denim skirts, rompers and bleached shorts on the right.

White and bleached jeans and more skirts and shorts on the right.

Tapered jeans and denim overalls, denim tunics and colored and black jean shorts.

Blue and gray skinnies on the left, patchwork, studded and bleached shorts on the top right, grunge and distressed shorts on the bottom right.

Boy cut jeans and white denim shorts.

Denim jackets and shirts on the left, denim trousers and long flowy denim skirts on the right.

Denim bags, hats, shoes and accessories on the left, boy cut distressed jeans and skinny crops on the right.

Outfits at less than 9,800yen (~$120) incorporating "in" pieces like denim overalls, low cut sneakers, and checkered shirts.

Buttoned sailor shorts, heeled loafers, and schoolboy jackets.

T-shirt dresses, layered skirts, and hoodies.

Of course there would be shoes! Heeled loafers and platform loafers at left and platform booties at right.

Lace-up boots, heeled clogs, and round-toe platform pumps.

Street style!

Flower prints! Tunics, skorts (what an ugly sounding word!), and accessories at left, and rompers and one pieces on the right.

More nautical stripes. I guess these are really in this season because everyone and their sisters are wearing it out!!!

Checkered prints! Shirt dresses (don't really dig these too much), rompers, shorts, and accessories at left, and button up long sleeves on the right.

Socks ^.^

Street snaps for hair!

More socks!

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