Thursday, June 2, 2011

MilkFed 2010 Fall-Holiday Collection

I totally fell for the freebie tote that came with this MilkFed 2010 Fall-Holiday Collection. You'll see why!

MilkFed is such a funny and odd name for a fashion brand, don't you think? How about GrassFed or RiceFed or something organic-Fed? LOL

Either way, I very happy to have found yet another lovely well made freebie tote. It is made of cotton canvas and measures 26(height) x 35(length) x 9.5(width) cm. This canvas cloth feels a tad rougher than the Snoopy tote, but to be fair it is also thicker.

Again, at first glance the tote seems rather boring being off white with navy base, handles, and piping. Up close, however, check out those itty bitty pink heart embroidered into the canvas! How cute is that?

The tote has an outer pocket but no closure.

No lining inside, but inner seams are covered with polyester in the same navy color. No interior pockets either.

Some cute items coats and jackets.

Model with the freebie tote.

The next few pages are an editorial featuring Lena Fujii.

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