Thursday, June 2, 2011

Morinaga Hi-Soft Caramel Chews

My friend K. recommended these Morinaga Hi-Soft Caramel chews to me, and at first I was indifferent. I mean, it's just caramel, and although I love caramel flavoring, I don't particularly love caramel chews because they're, well, chewy and sticky. But K. insisted that I try them because these caramel chews were, in her opinion, the best she's ever had.

Top: Sweet Potato Caramel (left) and Regular Caramel (right)
Bottom: Salted Caramel

But I gave in in the end. The claim of the *best* caramel chew is rather weighty. I've tried plenty of caramel chews, and they were all sort of meh, just chewy and sticky. So I gave these a try, and boy was K. right. These were good. Chewy yes, but not sticky at all! K. told me she's found only one tiny little conbini at Sakuragicho Station that carries these so far, and although I haven't tried looking else where, I believe K. So we stopped by that conbini one day and found there were 3 different kinds of Hi-Soft Caramel chews: Regular Caramel, Salted Caramel, and a seasonal release of Sweet Potato Caramel (I kid you not!).

Out of the 3 the Salted Caramel is my favorite. I think the salt enhances the creamy flavor in the caramel and makes it tastes better, but the other 2 are pretty good too. The Sweet Potato Caramel is really unique. I mean, I can really taste the sweet potato in it and it actually tastes good! Texture wise they are super soft and chewy. And when I say these aren't sticky, I meant when I bite down on these and then releases the bite, the caramel doesn't stick to my teeth or at least makes a sticky noise. Sort of like salt water taffy versus Laffy Taffy, the former isn't sticky and the latter is.

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