Friday, July 29, 2011

Glow June 2011

I'm really pushing to get all my June magazines up before July's over ^.^ This is Glow June 2011 with LyricisM freebie tote in an understated paisley print.

I normally dislike paisley as I feel they're too busy, but this one seems a bit muted. So I gave it a chance.

The freebie tote is made of polyester and measures 29.5(height) x 34(length) x 13(width). Quite a large bag! The polyester fabric is quite thick and the bag is well made.

It does have top button closure, though no pockets outside or inside.

That said, it is lined with a printed polyester fabric. I'm a bit ambivalent about the lining though, as I feel the print doesn't quite match with the outer paisley print, but whatever, it's nice nonetheless.

Guess who's showing up in this ad - Lin Chi-ling!

As you can see, this magazine is clearly targeting 30-and-beyond ladies. I find a lot of their styles understated and casual, totally wearable.

Summery one pieces (they mean dress).

Erhh...I don't really dig the blue chambray (or is it denim?) shirt dress on the left page. It borderlines frumpy to me.

But this black printed one on the far left is beautiful!

Urgh. More frumpy shirt dresses, in the same blue color too! Though this one looks linen.

What to wear at a ladies' get together. This page - for cocktails.

For brunch.

For casual dining out.

For dinner parties at home.

The freebie bag - see how big it is!

I'm surprised to find the next several pages dedicated to sunglasses, which is something I don't see very often in magazines. Most they'll do is a corner or a whole page, but not several pages!

A funny story I remember about sunglasses in Japan is that out in the more rural area, depends on where you are they can carry a stigma of an "yakuza item." When I was still a JET in the more rural Takaoka, Toyama, I've heard many funny stories from colleagues who were told not to wear their sunglasses because they'll look like (and probably be treated as if they're) yakuza. Of course the reactions were always uniformly WTF?!? LOL.

The same humor cannot be found in the stigma of tattoos however, in the urban metropolis or rural countryside alike. The vast majority of onsens and sentos out there in Japan will ban people with tattoos because tattoos are so strongly associated with yakuza. I have a friend from NYC who literally has to hide a small(!) tattoo on her arm because it had gotten her kicked out of a few onsens. She's clearly no yakuza, and still they gave her crap, even with her redhead and blue eyes and all!!! If you are tattooed and are in or plan to travel to Japan, just be aware of the unwanted attention. It's not pleasant, to put it mildly.


Anonymous said...

the paisely bag is so pretty and delicate. i really like it....too bad it is too big though for everyday use. :( so jealous of u with these cute mook bags. LOL :D

agree with u with the frumpy denim dress. lol. i think she is too tiny for that dress. most of dresses are really elegant. i like how they seperate what to wear for what kind of dinner date.....never seen that in a magazine! lol

u r on a roll with the magazine scans and reviews. :D always fun to see few pages and read ur thoughts on them.


D. said...

Thanks for reading d! ^.^ One more June issue and I'll be able to move on to July, now that July is over -.-'

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