Monday, July 25, 2011

InRed June 2011

I grabbed this InRed June 2011 issue as soon as it went on sale as I've been wanting to get my hands on this beautiful Salvatore Ferragamo wristlet!

The wristlet was to promote the new perfume Incanto, but while I could not care less for the perfume (not really a perfume person...), the wristlet itself is a stunner! Very simple but elegant and striking, like a black ink painting on white canvas of what a dandelion clock in the process of dispersing its seeds.

The wristlet is made of PVC and polyester, and measures 10(height) x 20(length) cm.

It also comes with a cute metal bow charm.

I have to be honest that the PVC material itself feels kind of plastic-y and thin, but otherwise the wristlet is very well made and I am very happy with it.

I especially like the hot pink satiny polyester lining. If it weren't for this lining, the wristlet would have definitely come off looking and feel very cheap due to the outer PVC. What a shame they didn't select better PVC material, like those thick and leather-textured Marc Jacob Daisy pouches from InRed October 2010 issue. But of course I can't have my cake and eat it too.

See how the cheap-looking the PVC is? It actually got a bit wrinkly even though it was wrapped in tissue and packed in a cardboard box!

Anyway, this issue was decently fun to look at.

More rain gears!

Gingham rain coat? Want!!!! And those cute animal print rain boots aren't too bad either.

Picture and details of the freebie wristlet.

Ladies around Japan share their loved items. Here from Omotesando (1) and Meguro (2) areas of Tokyo, Kanto region.

Komazawa (3) of eastern Tokyo, Osaka (4) and Kobe (5) areas of Kansai region.

More of Kansai, including Kyoto (6), Nagoya (7), and Fukuoka (8) of Kyushu region, and Sapporo (9) of Hokkaido region.

Summer styles of women in their 30's, nation wide.

Accessories for ladies in their 30's.

An ad for electric toothbrush, which I took a picture of because I recently received one as a bday present ^.^

Rain gears from Anna Sui! I didn't think Anna Sui would bother with rain gears, but hell, why not? It rains cats and dogs here in Japan and there is money to be made!

Again I am liking these rain boots, especially the beige pair xD

One month's worth of coordinates from 18 key items, accessories not included.

What a clever idea, taking an oversized shirt and making it into an open tunic by belting the waist.

Shoes and accessories for under 5,000yen each.

Rain gears too!

OMG I immediately went online to check out this pair adorable pair of polka dots rain boots with an amazingly reasonable price of 2,990yen, but of course it was completely sold out everywhere!

Continuing on with scarves and hats for under 5,000yen.

Sunglasses and bags too.

Vivian Hsu in a beauty diet ad. She's been popular in Japan for a while now and I'd seen her on Japanese TV during my JET days in 2005. Good for her!


Anonymous said...

ahhh, so this is inred for 30 somethings. it's a nice mag! showcases almost everything from head to toe literally. ;D

wow, i didnt know rain boots would have heels in them. at least i havent seen one in the us. those rainboots are too cute.

why does asia have the cutesssssst umbrellas with fun colorful designs while US has the most booooooring one colored umbrellas? :( sigh.


D. said...

Hi d.,

I didn't know it's possible for rain boots to have heels either, until I saw a pair that prompted me to buy 2 pairs ^.^ -

I totally agree on the umbrellas too, though I should add that the pretty umbrellas here mostly are also crap MIC...


Anonymous said...

D, agree with u on crap umbrellas. when i went to asia few years back, i did see a bunch a cutesy umbrellas from afar but on close examination, gosh was the quality very poor. :( i even have a hard time with a few sub-decent umbrellas here in the states esp when the wind turns them inside out. embarassing.

cant have everything i guess. ;D

hehe, good, i thought i was the only one who thought there are typically no heels on rainboots . lol wow, those rainboots u got are kicking!!! it dont even look like rainboots. :D love the little florals underneath contrasting with the shiney bad-girl patent leather.


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