Tuesday, July 26, 2011

With June 2011

I was really indecisive about getting this With June 2011 issue. It comes with an Earth Music and Ecology tote bag featuring Snoopy and the Peanuts characters but from pictures online, it looked just like any other cheap and super thin and wimpy nylon eco bag.

But then the design won me over I think, gray dots on a powder pink background. I finally gave in and bought it.

I'm so glad I gave this freebie tote a chance, as it turns out to be a really nice tote bag and nothing like what I had imagined! The polyester material is actually quite thick and substantial, and by that I mean it can probably carry books and groceries and not flimsy and paper thin like some eco bags out there. In short, I'm impressed, though probably because I started with such low expectations to begin with! ^.^

The measurements listed for the tote is 32(height) x 32(length) x 13(width) cm, which I think is correct only when the bag is completely flatten. It has a base measured 13 cm wide, so in my opinion it doesn't make sense to measure it completely flatten, but whatever.

The dots are gray, but the Peanuts character has silver glitter on them. Can you see the glitter?

The back of the tote.

The tote is not lined inside and its inner seams aren't covered either, but it is still well made. It does have a small pocket inside.

The magazine issue comes with a detachable booklet featuring new makeup items.

Ooohh I'm totally eyeing this Lancome highlighting powder.

I actually bought this Estee Lauder blush several months ago but haven't touched it yet.

I bought these Lancome Juicy Tubes limited edition with Yayoi Kusama art too. Yep, haven't touched them either :(

Finally, the whole magazine cover, unobstructed.

An interview with Hayami Mokomichi of Zettai Kareshi fame.

And I took these photos because I found it interesting that Tiffany's has now branched out into handbags and whatnot. I thought it was already a stretch that they started making sunglasses but I guess it's hard times for everybody.

The freebie tote - see, it's not 32x32, is it?

Another article on Kitagawa Keiko.

Work coordinates ranking, apparently from a survey of 1,000 professional women.
1. Marine stripes and marine [print] accessories (scarves, etc.)
2. Flower prints
3. Dot prints
4. Lace

Other spring hits include feminine blouses, long cardigans, unlined jackets, jersey blouses, popovers, tunics, dolman sleeves, etc.

Ideal one-pieces (dresses), #1 - shirt dress, #2 - flower print chiffon dress, #3 - it says "docking one-piece" in Japanese, and I have no idea what the hell that is, but I do think they meant color block dresses or something in that nature. The right page feature the top 3 brands for shirts and pants, but I'm not going to bother...

Classy coordinates for May.

A-line skirts and pleated front belted chinos.

Cocoon skirts and more pleated front chinos.

Trapezoid skirts and baggy pants

Even more one-pieces (gah, what is it with Japanese women and one-pieces?!?)

Party styles in black and pink, with lace, dual-tones, A-line cuts and whatnot.

Party dresses in different colors.

Party hair and makeup

And these last 2 pages contains a Q&A section about sex with "heaven[ly]" (left) and "hell[ish]" (right) scenarios LOL! May be NSFW xD


Anonymous said...

i thought the name of the mag was 'witch'! gosh i am half awake. lol Nice magazine...seems like it's more for professional young adults, esp the peanuts mook. hmmm....lol. you really cant translate the last photo, D? ;) kidding. it is really late for me.....must go to bed b4 i say something i will regret. ;)


D. said...

hahah that would be awesome if there was a magazine called "Witch." they do have a magazine called "Happie Nuts" (http://alittledabintomakeup.blogspot.com/search/label/Happie%20Nuts), so why not "Witch"?

good night d. ^.^

Anonymous said...

LOL @happie nuts. now that's classic engrish! :D sounds like something Beavis and Butt-head would like to read. ;)

will check out that link. ;)


D. said...

Hi d.,

actually, if Beavis and Butthead read Happie Nuts, even they might go crazier ^.^


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