Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Diamond Beauty Diamond Nose Makeup

I've never heard of Diamond Beauty, and only after some research did I learn it is a small brand that mainly features fake eye lashes. They do carry point makeup too, just not as many variety and color selection is quite limited. 

That said, browsing through Don Quixote's drugstore floor I chanced upon the testers for this Diamond Nose Makeup (arhh?!?) and found these, yes, contouring and highlighting powders to be exquisitely fine and silky! So even though the small and totally generic and somewhat cheap-looking compact is actually pricier than similar items from other drugstore brands, 1,050yen versus 6-800yen from Canmake, Visee, Kate, etc., I picked one up! 

Diamond Nose Makeup 01 Princess Nose and 02 Dolly Nose (...I didn't come up with these names...)
***Picture from Diamond Beauty.

There are 2 shades available, 01 Princess Nose, yellow based, and 02 Dolly Nose, pink based. As you can see, the 02 Dolly Nose is significantly redder than 01 Princess Nose, with a coppery tan and caramel as contouring shades and a pale beige as highlighting shade. I came home with 01 Princess Nose after a good long while debating whether I should have nabbed both ^.^

Diamond Nose Makeup 01 Princess Nose 

No, I'm not about to go dress up like the gals pictured - I'll never be able to get away with makeup that thick in a million years. I wanted to try both because I was curious whether I had found something good. The 2 large displays for the item were both almost emptied out with only a handful of 02 Dolly Nose and even fewer of 01 Princess Nose. And just as I thought, coming home and searching, I learned the item is in fact well rated, 5.6/7 out of 70+ reviews at the time of this writing. Damn, should have grabbed that 02 Dolly Nose too!

Anyway, packaging for this item is as generic as they come, black with clear lid and a small applicator, though I probably won't be using it at all. But hey, simple is good. I don't need my contouring to be in a fancy compact. I need the powders to perform. And to be honest, I haven't used this very much at all, but only because I don't really pay much attention to contouring and whatnot in my daily routine. The powder felt so soft and smooth to the touch I couldn't resist the curiosity. It should be good for those special occasions, weddings, fancy party and whatnot, when I will put it to good use. For now, a dab here and there doesn't count and this post is not really a review.

01 Princess Nose: both the contouring shades are matte. I would say they aren't too pigmented, but they're definitely not sheer either. After applying, they do a good job of enhancing my features but at the same time, I can't really tell if anything is there ^.^ The highlighter has very fine shimmer that results in that glowy look, although I would avoid any kind of highlighting in the humid Japanese summer. It's probably best for use when the weather is not so wet. All 3 powders are silky soft and are unscented.
- Top: khaki brown, matte.
- Middle: looks like my coffee after I've added a bunch of milk ^.^ Also matte.
- Bottom: off white with fine shimmers.

Instructions look simple enough:
- Apply the lighter contouring shade along the nose bridge on the 2 sides
- Apply the darker contouring shade just on the 2 sides of the nose at eye level to add depth
- Dust highlighter on top along the nose bridge

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