Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fueki Nakayoshi Hand Cream

Happy October! 

I'm back in Japan again after a brief home visit ^.^ More posts and pictures of items I used on the trip to follow, but for now, here's a brief preview with pictures for Fueki Nakayoshi Hand Cream, I Love Onsen edition that my sister bought for me as a mini gift from the Ayasa Hotel gift shop. 

Fueki Nakayoshi Hand Cream, I Love Onsen edition - check out the towel on his head while he is soaking in the hot spring, very Japanese ^.^

At first I thought this was a toy, turns out it's a body cream. From further reading I learned it's a hand cream containing horse oil, which is supposed to be close to human lipids and is suitable for use with children as well as adults. This product is definitely not "vegetarian", but I'm not a vegetarian :P and I've emptied several jars of Avon Hydrofirming Eye Cream before with fish oil as part of the ingredients, so I'm not squeamish to animal products - DHC Water Base Moisture had placental protein in it!

Anyway, Sasa carries a few items from Fueki, which is a surprise to me since I haven't seen this brand around where I am! Even then, that seems strange because Fueki isn't a small brand with just a few items - check out their 5 pages of products, ranging from t-shirts, pouches, to lip balms and hand creams! Fueki products seems to be on the expensive side, or at least expensive in comparison to similar products in American drugstores. On Sasa, the Fueki Nakayoshi Body Cream is around $6 for a 50g jar and $15 for a 140g jar. And before you think $6 is a small amount, check out how small 50g actually is!

Granted, this jar is a hand cream, but can you imagine paying $15 for a jar of body cream that's about 3 times as big?

I actually haven't used this hand cream yet, because as much as the weather has cooled while I was away visiting, it's not drying up just yet. In fact, it's still very wet as it has been raining a lot, which means, well, my skin is feeling sticky and icky instead of dry. I'm saving this for the drier months.

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