Thursday, October 13, 2011

L'Occitane Fleur Cherie Facecolour Powder

Along with L'Occitance Facecolour Powder in 01 Helene Martin Peony, I also bought 2 other Fleur Cherie Facecolour Powders in 2 colors, Rose Dentelle and Fil D'or.

Rose Dentelle

Fil D'or, all pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I mentioned the confusing naming convention in my last L'Occitane Facecolour Powder post, this was what I was referring to. I wasn't entirely sure which part of the product has anything to do with "Fleur Cherie." The front of the flimsy paper box clearly says Fleur Cherie, but the back didn't mention Fleur Cherie at all, whether the item was part of the Fleur Cherie collection or is scented with the Fleur Cherie fragrance. The rest of their bath, body, and skincare was organized according to fragrance/ingredients, so I was expected a mentioning of it, especially when it's actually printed on the front of the box. But nope, nothing.

Rose Dentelle

Fil D'or

Anyway, I purposely picked 2 colors that I think can be used on both the eyes and the cheek. Okay, may be Rose Dentelle isn't so much a wearable eye shadow, but at least Fil D'or is. They both are in the similarly wimpy paper packaging, and they are scented with a flowery fragrance that I couldn't confirm was Fleur Cherie or not, partly because the box didn't mention a thing about the Fleur Cherie printed on its front.

Rose Dentelle

Fil D'or

After experiencing the silky smoothness of 01 Helene Martin Peony, I was actually looking forward to playing with these, but to my severe disappointment, Rose Dentelle and Fil D'or were polar opposite and for a moment I thought I was playing with some cheap dollar store crap. And even then, it's not fair for me to compare these to cheap dollar store products because honestly, Daiso sells better and smoother blushes!

Not only these Fleur Cherie Facecolour Powders feel waxy, there was not much pigmentation, if at all. To get the swatches below, I literally rubbed and rubbed and nearly clawed the damn powder out of the pan! I like sheer makeup, folks, not waxy crap with no colors. I have to wonder now if this is the reason why these were on super sale, because L'Occitane were trying to get rid of them. Then again the 01 Helene Martin Peony was a steal on super sale, being such a nice powder! What's going on here, L'Occitane? Are you QAs' on strike? How could it be that your Facecolour Powders are so drastically different in terms of quality? Needless to say, I left both of these behind and didn't take them back to Japan with me. I brought 01 Helene Martin Peony though ^.^

- Rose Dentelle: appears a cooler mauvy rose in the pan but goes on warmer on me with some reds and corals. Perhaps the powder will apply better with a brush, then again may be it's just my wishful thinking. I've never ran into a powder that I couldn't even swatch properly but then goes on to perform stellar when applied with a brush. If I can't even pick up any color with my finger, chances are the brushes will have no chance of picking up anything.  

- Fil D'or: if Rose Dentelle was hard to swatch for any colors, this was almost impossible! Just look at the swatch below - can you see anything there on the back of my hand? In the pan it's a pretty golden champagne that would have made a nice wash for the lids, or at least a subtle highlighter. But after swatching I thought, erhh..., I might as well wear this as a translucent setting powder, that is, if I can pick any of the powder up with that super waxy texture. Boo. Hiss.

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