Wednesday, December 7, 2011

PN Blossoming Face Color Part II

This is a bit of a blast from the past, but I've been using these PN Blossoming Face Color (For Cheeks) for a loooooong time now. Since they were discontinued several years earlier, I wasn't in a hurry to post about them, but I guess I'm not being fair. So here's the much much much belated post, especially since these two have been excellent blushes still, after all these years!!!

The Blossoming Face Color range had 4 colors, 2 of which are highlighters/finishing powders and comes in Lucent Orange and Lucent Blue (and by blue they meant lilac), though I don't have a picture of this Blue color and can't seem to find one anywhere on the web either! The remaining 2 are blushes and comes in 16 Pink Rose and 26 Coral Orange, which is why their names have the "(For Cheeks)" attached, as if people couldn't figure it out by looking at the colors themselves. Also, this is kind of trivial, but I have seen these blushes being called Fresh Color Veil, and yet on the original packaging for both 16 Pink Rose and 26 Coral Orange, it definitely says Blossoming Face Color and I don't see Fresh Color Veil anywhere, not even on Shiseido's official website for PN (which stands for Pieds Nus), which still has a product page for these blushes. Perhaps it was marketed as Fresh Color Veil else where?

PN Blossoming Face Color (For Cheeks)
***Picture from Shiseido PN.

Anyway, I love, love, love these blushes and they have stayed with me for the longest time. They are silky soft and pigmented, with the darkest color having the least shimmers and the lightest color having the most. The shimmers in these blushes are very well done, in my opinion. The darker colors have shimmers so fine they go on practically matte. The lighter colors have more visible shimmers, but they are not sparkly and only adds a soft glow to the whole finish. These are even more pigmented than the Maquillage Design Cheek Color I recently reviewed, and like the Design Cheek Colors, they last all day on me. I put them on, with a light hand I should note, before leaving for school at around 8:30AM and the color is still there until I take them off in my nightly shower at around 9-10PM. And, oh, did I mention they swatch exactly as they appear in the pan? For the record, I took the pans' pictures indoor with flash and the swatch pictures in natural light, and still the colors appear entirely consistent. How freakin' amazing is that?

16 Pink Rose. Picture taken indoor with flash.
- Far left: pink rose
- 2nd from left: princess pink
- 2nd from right: powder pink
- Far right: pinky milk white

Swatches taken in natural light without flash.

26 Coral Orange. Picture taken indoor with flash.
- Far left: orange coral
- 2nd from left: peachy coral
- 2nd from right: powder peach
- far right: peachy milk white

Swatches taken in natural light without flash.

See my previous PN Blossoming Face Color post.


kuri said...

ooh, lovely! if i ever run across one of these I'm buying it!

D. said...

Hi kuri!

Me too!!! For backups ^.^


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