Thursday, March 29, 2012

Glow October 2011

Here's a backissue of Glow October 2011 that came with a set of 3 gorgeous Laura Ashley quilted pouches. When I shuffled through my pile of unopened magazines, apparently I missed this one and instead started posting the September 2011 backissues first. Oops. 

I can't believe I forgot about this issue either! I remember picking it up and being totally excited about these pouches. How could I not? Look at them! Aren't they pretty? Now if the magazines in the states would start giving out freebies like these, I bet they would start flying off the stands! 
The three pouches are made of glossy satiny polyester fabric in a beautiful -and colorful!- rose print on ivory background. And while they do have that silky touch, they don't feel as fragile and scratch-proned as the Jill Stuart tote that came with the Sweet April 2012 issue. They might still be easily stained though, but I'm not too worried about it since [most] stains can be removed and scratches can't. 

All three are well made, though not without fault as I found a loose thread on the back of the largest pouch. That was it though, and there are no runs or uneven stitchings else where. The quilted pouches are padded in addition to being fully lined with a pretty pastel pink polyester lining, yes, even that smallest one. All inner seams are also covered.

The largest pouch measures 20(height) x 25(length) cm and is large enough to fit a few gadgets.

The medium pouch measures 15(height) x 20(length) cm and makes a nice makeup bag.

The smallest pouch measures 6(height) x 18(length) cm and is intended to be a pen case, although I would rather put my eye and lip pencils in it than my writing instruments ^.^

Check out this goofy ad! Is it Tarzan and his Jane? Or Peter Pan and Tinker Bell? Not sure what exactly they are advertising here. Any ideas? 

Above the knee one pieces (dresses) that look like a 2-piece ensemble of a top and skirt. 

Above the knee boxy square cut and drapey one pieces.

Above the knee flare skirts.

Above the knee A-line skirts at left and (not really...) form fitting skirts that hits below the knees.

Items that will turn you into a beautiful woman, as recommended by "fashionable bloggers." The fashionable here is subjective, no? But I do like the soft bow-tie blouses, polka dots or not, the pearls, the Peter Pan collars, and the black pumps. 

May be not these though...

Different pant cuts.

Ooh, I would totally wear that charcoal plaid pocketed throw at the bottom of the right page!

And I would wear any of these ponchos/capelets/mantle coats!

I would wear any of these too! Does that mean I have the taste of a 40+ years old, or is it the women here just know how to stay youthful and their fashion sense appeals even to a younger generation? Whatever the case, they sure know how to dress well and they look damn good wearing what they do. Just to reiterate, unlike the magazines back home, what you see on these pages is what you get on the streets of Japan. Do keep in mind though, that I live in the Tokyo metro area, which does make a difference, though not that much as far as I can tell because I've also lived in the semi-boonies too (population 100k versus, like, almost 36mil.! Nuts, huh?) and the ladies there were just as fashionable. 

Nylons and tights in different colors and textures.

The freebie pouches.

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