Friday, April 6, 2012

Lavshuca Eye Jelly Part II

Finally had some time to swatch the rest of my Lavshuca Eye Jellies. I have 5 other colors I haven't touched, BU-1, GN-1, PK-1, PU-1, and SV-1, and I figured why not. Oh yeah, while at it I re-swatched the other colors too since the last swatches were crappy. Will update the original post with better swatches next.

BU-1, GN-1, PK-1, and SV-1 are all super sparkly and metallic. They also feel gritty due to all the shimmer particles, big and small. PU-1, on the other hand, is more similar to BE-1 in that it has finer shimmers and therefore not as sparkly. Over all, these are all light colors and make good base/highlighter colors. And as mentioned in the last post, they do not budge once dried and need eye makeup remover to be taken off completely. 

BU-1. These 6 pictures were taken indoor with flash.

GN-1 and PK-1

PU-1 and SV-1

- BU-1: metallic, low intensity. A very pale blue so pale it goes on white with just a slight tint of blue.

All below pictures taken in natural light without flash.

- GN-1: metallic, low intensity. A pretty mint green with fine gold shimmers mixed in with larger silver particles.

- PK-1: metallic, low intensity. A pale fleshy pink that's makes a gorgeous sparkling base!

- PU-1: shimmer, low intensity. A very pretty lavender with fine bluish shimmers.

- SV-1: metallic, low intensity. More of a whitish silver and not a true silver. Still pretty either way.

Top row: BU-1, GN-1, and PK-1.
Bottom row: PU-1 and SV-1.

See my previous Lavshuca Eye Jelly post.

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