Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Boulder Cork, Boulder

So hubby and I moved home from Japan, but we didn't stay home for long. It was just a 3 weeks detour to visit family before moving on to Taipei. While we were there, we crashed in Grandma's basement. Being with Grandma means keeping her company and taking her out to eat because she never gets the chance to go ^.^

Of course Grandma has her favorite - The Boulder Cork. She goes here every chance she gets and every time we come home to visit she would take us here at least twice. 

The food there is just okay, to be honest. I haven't had anything memorable, although the last time we went I ordered a chicken dijon sandwich and it was surprisingly good. Most of the time though, the food is more pricy than yummy but whatever. What Grandma wants, Grandma gets. I do like that they have seasonal specials and they grow their own herbs in the back garden.

Here's a caprese salad with avocado and buffalo mozzarella. It was good, although I've had better. The buffalo mozzarella was neat.

Hubby ordered a buffalo burger and got this gigantic plate. Yep, after 2 years in Japan we forgot how big the American food portion gets. Sigh.

The first thing I did upon coming home was to cut my hair. It got too hot.

I ordered a chicken quesadilla, but was ho-hum. Again, it was huge, so I could only eat half the quesadilla and the fruit salad. Took the rest home.

For dessert hubby ordered a NY cheese cake and a cappuccino and both were decent. I ordered a dulce de leche pudding and not only there was enough of it to feed 3 people, it was way, way, way too sweet. I took one bite and that was that. The pecan cookies that came with it were better, but still sweet.

Take two, because Grandma was forgetful xD 

The conversation went something like this,
Grandma: "Let's go to the Cork! We haven't been there in ages!"
Hubby: "We had just been there 2 days ago, grandma."
Grandma: "We did? Together?"
Hubby: "Yep."
Grandma: "I don't remember. Let's go again."
Hubby: "..."

We ordered a baked stuffed shrimp for appetizer, which was good but was dripping in butter.

Hubby got another buffalo burger. Buffalo tastes way better than beef. It's more fragrant, tender, and leaner. If you've had buffalo burger, you'll turn your nose on beef burger. I'm not a burger person to begin with, but even so I can definitely tell the difference between a buffalo and beef burger blindfolded.

I ordered the dijon chicken sandwich, which was actually really yummy. The chicken was juicy and tender, and the flavoring was just right. Not too salty, not too bland. The portion was too big though, so I could only eat about a third of my sandwich.

Hubby ordered another NY cheesecake. I stuck with just a cappuccino.

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