Monday, May 19, 2014

Vitabath Hand Cream

Half way through this 6g/2.1oz. tube of Vitabath Hand Cream, which has been in my nightstand drawer and I reach for it every night.

This hand cream comes out of the tube super thick and firm, in a pearly white color. From the thickness and firmness I assumed would also be greasy, but was surprised to find that it applies clean and absorbs clean. It is scented with a mild mango citrus scent, which I find pleasant. Since I apply it before bed, I wake up to nice and soft hands, nothing magical but it works decently enough. Will probably move on after finishing the tube though ^.^


Ann said...

Hi!! How are you?

I just want to say hello!!

I'm still sick and I wasnt allowed to use internet( no ipad iphone,laptop etc) but today they allow me to use my ipad for 3 hours!!!

My hands are super dry and wrinkled I will tell my mom abot this cream hopefully she can get it for me!


D. said...

Hi Ann ^.^

I'm sorry to hear you're still sick! Please take care of yourself!

Yes, I would totally recommend this hand cream if you want to give it a try.

Get well soon,

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