Monday, September 8, 2014

Suave Professionals Rosemary + Mint Invigorating Clean Shampoo

I have fine but lots of straight hair and an oily scalp, although I don't use any styling product. My way of "styling" is just to brush and go, and if I'm feeling really glamorous, I'll put on a headband :P But save for the time hubby and I spent in Japan and Taiwan, for years we've been using Suave Naturals Daily Clarifying Shampoo. I've always incorporated a clarifying shampoo of sorts in my routine, for use just once a week to give my oily scalp a good wash. I didn't review this Daily Clarifying Shampoo because it wasn't anything worth noting. It was cheap, and it got the job done and that's that.

We finally ran out of the gigantic bottle that we started using since before moving abroad to Japan. It was one of those humongous family size bottle, and with one use a week plus a few years stint overseas and it lasted us for years! With our move a month ago, I happily went shopping for a new clarifying shampoo and found myself picking up this 373mL/12.6fl oz. bottle of Suave Professionals Rosemary + Mint Invigorating Clean Shampoo. For a weekly use I wasn't planning on spending a lot, so this suits the purpose.

This shampoo is clear and colorless, which I actually prefer in a clarifying shampoo so just base on that, it's already perfect. I smelled it at the store, and the mint scent was nice. But holy crap, it smells so much better in the shower! I couldn't detect any rosemary, but the fragrance of raw and fresh mint is unbelievably refreshing! And by mint I don't mean peppermint, or any of the fake mint stuff. I'm talking about the sprig of mint they garnish your alcoholic mix drinks with - have you ever nibble on those? Yes, that's what this shampoo smells like, fresh mint! My goodness I LOVE it! It smells sooooooooooo nice! Don't get me wrong here, but the smell actually reminds me a bit of Method Glass & Surface Cleaner MINUS the chemical detergent ^.^ So no, it doesn't smell like cleaner at all, just the fresh mint. 

As a clarifying shampoo it does its job. My hair feels clean and not stripped, and it doesn't turn greasy the next day. Let's just say I already bought a back up bottle, because who knows how long this bottle will last us ^.^ If it'll take us a few years to finish, by the time we're done they won't make it anymore and that would be a shame! For the price, this clarifying shampoo is awesome! Give it a try!

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