Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Coffret D'Or Full Memory Rouge Part II

Having tried the Coffret D'Or Full Memory Rouge in RD-168 Color, I got curious and wanted to know what the Glow version would be like, so I picked up this OR-98 Glow on a whim to fill my cart. This lipstick has been discontinued for a couple of years now, but they're still available on E(vil)bay if you're curious.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I love that this line of lipstick comes in a super slick tube that feels nice in my hand, but I really wish their caps close a little better. It slips on without any click, and of course it also slips right off so easily if I were to pick up the lipstick by the cap, I would be picking up just the cap :( This means no traveling for these lipsticks, because the cap will just fall off.

The Color version comes in a brushed metal tube, and the Glow version comes in a shiny metal tube.

I actually like the Glow version better. It's still a thinner formula with lots of slip, but it's more moisturizing than the Color version, and it leaves a pretty glossy shine. It's also a lot sheerer than the Color, which I don't mind at all. Overall, glad I tried these lipsticks but I'm not really impressed with either formula.

OR-98 Glow: looks very orange in the tube but applies a totally sheer peach and not orange at all. It does have very fine shimmers that results in a pearly effect, but on me it's pretty much an "enhanced" thin gloss and not much else.

See my previous Coffret D'Or Full Memory Rouge post.

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