Monday, October 27, 2014

Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick

Got this mini Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in the controversial color Celebutard in a recent Sephora order. I hesitated with this review for a while because of all the uproar with this color name, and late last year Sephora had to pull this color off of their shelves because of all the outrage. So imagine my surprise when it showed up as one of the freebie options at checkout, and out of curiosity I picked it ^.^

Let me put this out there - yes, I do think the name is offensive. My argument is along the same line as this article's, if "n1gfuschia" and "h*m*pink" are not okay, then "celebutard" is not okay either.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Distasteful name aside, the lipstick I have is a piece of sh*t. I don't know if the formula is consistent across different colors, but it's probably the worst lipstick I've ever tried. It's dry, thick, and chalky, with a consistency of hardening clay, somewhat sticky and muddy. The upside is that it's unscented and is very decently pigmented, but I guess I'm too spoiled with Lavshuca to put up with a crappy formula. So too bad, but this junky lipstick and its unfortunate name has definitely colored my impression with the Kat Von D brand, and I will not purchase anything else from her. 

- Celebutard: a matte and opaque fleshy nude pink. While the color itself is wearable, the opacity makes it the worst crack-and-flake magnifier. I've read online that it may look good on some folks with a dab of gloss, which also serve to soften it up and make it more moisturizing somewhat. I tried that, and indeed it looks better when layered with some clear gloss, but the opacity still make me look ill. Do not want. This color combined with the subpar formula earned this mini lipstick a spot in my trash can. 


Citrine said...

Speaking of insensitive name, I just received a sample pouch by too cool for school...And it's called "Pearl Bay Invasion" (packaging featuring cute illustration of a harbor and air crafts....

Apparently it's a pearly highlighter...It made me go "wut..."

D. said...

Urgh. I wonder what people were thinking when they try to grab attention that way. Remember Urban Decay Pocket Rocket? Apparently it's now called Lip Junkie (or may be that's an entirely different line of gloss but whatever...).

And NARS and their porny blush names get on my nerve too. Do they even know what Deep Throat means? Why would anyone want to wear a cheek color name Deep Throat?!?! I haven't bothered trying any NARS cheek color because of that.

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