Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lipstick Queen Butterfly Kisses Set

From the same holiday flash sale that I got the Lipstick Queen Chic and Three Shades trio, I bought this Butterfly Kisses trio, which includes 3 lipsticks in the Butterfly Ball line in the colors Float, Moment, and Trance. This set comes in a pretty hot pink zipper pouch with flower print with all 3 lipsticks unboxed but wrapped in pretty tissue paper inside ^.^

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I've already reviewed this Butterfly Ball line of lipsticks, so I won't repeat again and will just go straight to describing the colors. Oh, and the slightly rubberiness of the packaging of these lipsticks still bugs me a little bit, but I can deal with it because I do like the lipsticks very much! Also, interestingly enough, the Sigh color in the Chic in Three Shades trio is more pigmented than all three of the colors below.

- Float: a warm nude with a turquoise/blue-green iridescent sheen. Despite appearing somewhat milky in the swatch picture below, it's translucent, and this translucency makes it super wearable. On my lips though, funny enough it's almost completely sheer and it's the least pigmented one out of the 3 in this trio ^.^" So I don't reach for this color unless I want to layer it over a cooler lipstick to warm it up, yes, iridescent sheen and all but it does work!

- Moment: a yellow-based (warm) translucent red with the same turquoise/blue-green iridescent sheen. My oh my, I love this color so much and it's now a main stay in my bag! It's the most pigmented one in this trio but not as pigmented as the color Sigh.

You know what, as soon as I swatched this color Moment, I thought, hey wait a minute, I've seen this before. Sure enough, I have - Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Merry Berry! Both are a warm red with a turquoise/blue-green iridescent sheen, only the Lipstick Queen version is so so so much better being more translucent, much more moisturizing and way glossier! That said, the Tarte version is more pigmented, so if you want more color and don't mind the lack of moisture or shine, definitely go for Tarte version. 

And guess what, upon swatching Lipstick Queen (left) and Tart (right) side by side, I see that the Tarte version is even warmer, much so it makes the Lipstick Queen version appears slightly cooler! Wow!

- Trance: a sheer and translucent warm petal pink with the same turquoise/blue-green iridescent sheen. This color is also fantastic and I wear it so often I also carry it in my bag ^.^

Float, Moment, and Trance.

Even more to come!!!

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