Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ettusais Rose Cheek Color

Here's the Ettusais Rose Cheek Color in RD that was released spring of 2014. While looking through Ettusais's website I was surprised to find that this blush was still available, so I bought it along with the new Heart Face Color and Heart Cheek Colors (will review next).

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

This Rose Cheek Color has the same exact packaging as the two Cheek Colors I bought back in 2012, only with the outer ring of highlighter and the colors are concentrated in the center, which makes for easy swatching. The blush is softer and smoother than the Heart Face Color but interestingly enough it's not as silky as the old Cheek Colors. Hmm...

That said, I do think the pinky strawberry red color makes up for lack of silkiness. It's really quite pretty and decently pigmented. The outer ring of highlighter is a shimmery pinky white, and when blended with the colors I get a medium pink with scattered shimmers. The inner core blush itself has very fine shimmers that don't show at all, so it swatched with a satiny finish.

See my previous Ettusais Cheek Color post.

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