Sunday, September 13, 2015

Daiso Puff & Sponge Detergent

Update Saturday, September 12, 2015.

Daiso has repackaged their popular Puff & Sponge Detergent. And it seems this stuff's even more popular now as I had to go to several different Daisos to find it. I grabbed 5 bottles ^.^

Original post Tuesday, February 19, 2013.

A reader pointed out to me that the Daiso "stain remover detergent" I saw in Taipei and this Puff & Sponge Detergent are 2 different things. I might have very well mistaken them for one another since I did not buy this "stain remover detergent" sold in Taipei. That said, I did not see a "stain remover detergent" at my local Daiso when I was in Japan either. 

Point is - if you see a Puff and Sponge Detergent, grab it, and grab a few of it. If you see something else, proceed at your own risk ^.^


Also read about this Daiso Puff & Sponge Detergent from Yumeko. Since I was seeing them aplenty at my local Daiso, I figured it wouldn't hurt to try.

This is a clear liquid detergent for puffs, sponges, brushes, even stains on your clothes. It is unscented, and it's pretty amazing, truly! You don't need much for it to work magic. I just soak my loose powder puffs (from DHC Q10 Face Powders and Lavshuca Face Powders), drop several drops concentrating on wherever most stained, rub and wring to wash, rinse thoroughly, let sit for a few days to dry, and -poof- brand new sparkling puffs again! 

I stocked up on 3 bottles prior to leaving Japan and even then, I haven't even used up a fourth of my first bottle! These are also available at the Daiso's in Taipei. I saw plenty of them at the few Daiso's I visited while I was there. That said, they were marketed as "stain remover detergent" there for some reason, complete with a pair of panties! If you're there in Taipei, just resist your urge to grin and say ick and pick up a couple of bottles. You won't regret it. In the mean time, I've been looking at the one Daiso I know of here in SF but have not seen any.


mandy said...

I wish there were Daiso's in NYC that carried these. I got one off eBay to try and love how it removes pesky foundation stains from my brushes. Of course eBay prices are marked up T_T I completely second your advice for others to stock up on this :D

D. said...

Hi Mandy,

Oh yes, the e(vil)bay prices are such a rip off >.<"!

I really should have bought several more bottles myself now that I think about it! Sorry to hear you can't find these in NYC. I can't find it here in SF either :( I know there's a Daiso in Seattle, but stupid me didn't think to look when I was there. Gah!

Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting :D

Rin said...

There is daiso sponge cleaner which you just reviewed, and there is daiso stain remover with the panties picture on the bottle. they are two different things! You cannot use the panties one to wash your sponges.

D. said...

Hi Rin,

I might have very well mistaken one for another! Thank you for pointing it out.


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