Sunday, September 6, 2015

Paseo UV Cut Powder SPF50+ PA++++ Part II

I've been using Paseo UV Cut Powder SPF50+ PA++++, the Cool version, everyday for all of July and August on my neck and decolletage, on top of whatever sunscreen I applied (was Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel Super SPF50 PA+++, recently switched to SunCut UV Protect Gel SPF50+ PA++++). 

Then a couple of weeks ago, I ran out of the Paseo powder. Yes, I rejoiced and went out to find a new powder to try. To my surprise though, most drugstores in my area don't carry these sunscreen powders. That or I just missed them completely. The drugstores in Japan are kind of jam-packed and bewildering, but I love them nonetheless ^.^

Anyway, after having spent three days straight combing through one drugstore after another without any success, I resorted to Rakuten JP. But if you've shopped on Rakuten before, you will know that it's just as bewildering, if not irritating because they also list items that have already been sold out. For example, if a search yields 10 pages of result, you can bet the later 5 pages are all sold-out items. Why those items even show up at all, I have no idea! 

So being desperate for something to hold me over until the next new discovery, I bought the "Normal" version of this same Paseo powder. Yes, previous online photos of it showed shimmers and sparkles, but it's for my neck and decolletage so I wasn't too picky. Did I mention I was desperate?

Here's a packaging comparison between the Cool and Normal versions. Both hold 8g of product, which is pretty generous considering the meager 3g from other powders. The Cool version has metallic silver on the twist-closed lid while the Normal version has metallic gold.

The two powders are identically lime-tinted white, the reason I didn't bother swatching it again, because it looks the same. But other than this, this Normal version is actually a whole lot better than the Cool version! At least I'm liking it much better! 

First off, I'm not sure where the shimmers went but I sure don't see any. Second, it feels a lot smoother than the Cool version, which was coarse and grainy to the touch. Finally, the scent is a lot nicer too, mild and fresh instead of fake and chemically citrus. As for the sun protection, I'm assuming it's identical because I was too lazy to look up the ingredients :P Like the Cool version, this does leave a white cast but since I don't use it on my face, I don't really care.

So there, if you're looking to try this powder, go for the Normal version instead of Cool. If I were to run out of this stuff before finding a new discovery, I will repurchase.

See my previous Paseo UV Cut Powder SPF50+ PA++++ post.

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