Thursday, November 26, 2015

Coffret D'Or Moist Beauty Rouge

Saw these Coffret D'Or Moist Beauty Rouge on clearance recently, for less than $10 a piece with shipping! Since I'm so obsessed with the new Premium Stay Rouge nowadays, I decided I'm going to do some historical research (these Moist Beauty Rouge were discontinued a few years ago...).

From left to right: BE-190, BE-191, PK-251, RD-184, RD-185, and RS-260. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Luckily for me, these arrived sealed. Since they're few years old, I tested them on the back of my hand via swatching first to make sure there's no reaction before trying them on my lips. Point is: don't try this at home, folks. Just because I'm nutty doesn't mean you should too.

It's obvious these lipsticks were from before the "growth spurt" as their tubes are slim and sleek. They're slimmer than my finger! Okay, not a fair comparison because I have fat fingers. A better example would be Clinique Almost Lipsticks in the Taste of Honey Set.

Surprisingly, I find their formula similar to the more recent Coffret D'Or Rouge Essence, satiny and slightly opaque with super fine shimmers that don't show. They're not terribly drying but could definitely use some more moisture. That said, bear in mind their age which could very well affect performance. I just layer balm underneath to add both moisture and translucency. Now if only I could figure out how to put the Premium Stay Rouge into this packaging instead...

- BE-190: Golden peach. 

- BE-191: Peachy nude and wearable!

- PK-251: swatches a fleshy pink but is pretty much clear balm on me :(

- RD-184: orangey coral. 

- RD-185: pinky coral. My second favorite color in the bunch!

- RS-260: not rose at all but more like a juicy watermelon red. I like this color best, for obvious reasons ^.^

From left to right: BE-190, BE-191, PK-251, RD-184, RD-185, and RS-260.

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