Friday, January 15, 2016

Coffret D'Or Premium Stay Rouge Part IV

What can I say, I just can't get enough of these Coffret D'Or Premium Stay Rouge! Including PK-290 and RD-214 below, I now own a total of 9 colors. With the exception of PK-292 that doesn't work for me on a dry-lips day, I love the rest of them to death!

A backup of PK-289, and newbies PK-290 and RD-214 from the same limited edition release spring 2015. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

So...I think I've figured out why I love these so much--the 9 colors I own are either jellies or cream-jellies! I don't know if all the Premium Stay Rouges are jelly or cream-jelly because I don't own them all (may be one day...).

Here are what I have:
- Jellies: PK-290 below, RD-212, and RD-214 below.
- Cream-jellies: PK-289, PK-292, PK-293, RD-215, RD-216, and RS-333.

Don't get me wrong, this is not to conclude that jelly and cream-jelly are automatic love. To compare, I hunted down 2 other lippies that Kate the Driveler had declared jellies: the Coffret D'Or Rouge Essence RD-198 (first generation color of this lipstick line, unfortunately discontinued some years ago), and the Lunasol Full Glamour Lips 02 Cherry Red (still readily available in-stores and online). I've also picked up another Rouge Essence in RD-204, which turns out to be a cream-jelly (versus creams RD-208 and RS-282). I'll review these later with comparison swatches, but the spoiler is that I still like these Premium Stay Rouges best!

Anyway, the jelli-ness is particularly apparent with PK-290 and RD-214. Even in the tube they have this translucence that makes me think I can *almost* see through them. I squealed when I opened them up--both are shimmer-free! I already have a backup of RD-214 and lemming a backup for RD-212 too. Totally obsessed, I know!

- PK-290: I'm assuming this color was released before PK-292, and I'm guessing they were running out of ideas for new colors and decided to add a touch of milkiness to PK-290 to get PK-292. Kidding! But really, this is the color PK-292 should have been, a clear, translucent carnation pink. And no, it's not clear lip balm on my lips and actually shows up pretty well. This is my Jean Queen 2.0, because it pairs well with a white tshirt and blue jeans ^.^ 

- RD-214: my ideal everyday red, a shimmer-free, yellow-based red that just makes my lips look kissable. LOVE! The swatch looks more reddish coral because of the translucency, but on my lips it's definitely red.

PK-290 and RD-214. Don't they just look delectable? Of course they're *not* edible! ^.^

Here's a comparison of PK-290 versus PK-292, and RD-214 versus RD-215 and PK-289.  

PK-292 appears pinkier due to its slight milkiness. And next to the corals RD-215 and PK-289, RD-215 is red.

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Citrine said...

Damn,you are tempting me again(i guess if you oked it I have a 90% of loving something, the 10% would be things that turn extra bright with my weird undertone)...I guess I will have to ebay around for the le shades. I stopped hoarding palettes since December now it's lipstick craze allover again.

D. said...

LOL We tempt each other :P

But to be fair these lipsticks are fantastic! I think you will like them too, especially since you and I both enjoy the Lipstick Queen Saints. If you want sheer warm red, the LE RD-214 is awesome. If you want more pigment and a cooler red, then go for RD-216. As for corals, if you can't find PK-289, RD-215 is a more pigmented cream-jelly version.


kuri said...

Found RD-214 on aeonnet and now I'm debating whether to pull the trigger. Darn these LE colors! I have plenty of nice lipsticks I don't use though... I really like these kinds of sheer reds though.

D. said...

Hi kuri,

Would it help if you knew I bought a backup of RD-214? ^.^


kuri said...

Not really, haha. Well, I will think about it some more :)

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