Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hand Veil Rich Cream

After the odd Hand Veil Moist Cream, I was a bit wary with this 70g tube of Rich Cream. So I tried it on my feet first ^.^" The reason being my feet are drier than my hands, and this cream is supposed to be "rich."

This Rich Cream is also scented, and it supposedly contains shea and cocoa butters. It dispenses a translucent cream that's much, much thicker and firmer than the Moist Cream. I much prefer it over the Moist Cream too! It doesn't pull any of that weird melt-n-freeze trick, nor does it feel like silicone on my skin. It's very moisturizing but absorbs quickly and completely without leaving any residue. In short, it does exactly what it advertises to do and then some.

Over the holidays my family came to visit and my dad desperately need some rich cream for his feet. At home, he's been using just one giant tin of Burt's Bees Hand Salve I gifted to him years ago. However, his chief complaint is that it's so greasy it leaves his feet feeling oily and icky all day. So I handed him this blue tube, and he took it home with him ^.^ So yes, I will most definitely repurchase and stock up before moving home.

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