Monday, February 29, 2016

Lamuca Collagen Mist

This 200mL spray bottle of Lamuca Collagen Mist was a cart filler when I recently placed an order with Turns out this item was already discontinued, may be even the whole brand Lamuca, because I don't see it listed on Utena's website anymore.

Having used Hadanomy Collagen Concentrated Mist before, I was eager to try something else for comparison. These two products seem close enough, and to be honest I like them both ^.^ The Hadanomy one was scented, thicker, and more viscous. This Lamuca one is unscented, much lighter and runnier. I'd say Hadanomy would be good for the winter or drier places/seasons, whereas Lamuca is better for summer or more humid environment. Too bad it's discontinued.

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