Saturday, February 27, 2016

SK-II Essential Power Eye Cream

Just finished with this tiny 0.08oz. sample jar of SK-II Essential Power Eye Cream and here's a short review for it. The sample came in a pair, with the other being the same size jar of Cellumination Deep Surge EX, which I loved and was happy to get more of.

The eye cream was an opaque yellowy beige cream and scented with a faint citrus fragrance. It was also quite light so I used it for daytime only, versus a heavier eye cream for nights (currently Boscia Restorative Eye Treatment). It was adequately moisturizing during the day and layered well under my sunscreen, and I would totally buy a full size if it weren't so expensive. That's okay, since I've got a few other things queued up to try.

Here's the Cellumination Deep Surge EX. Interestingly enough, Boscia recently introduced a Sake-based product line with two main items, a Sake Treatment Water and a Sake Balm. And from their descriptions, I think Boscia is taking a stab at duping SK-II's Facial Treatment Essence and this Cellumination Deep Surge EX cream. Either way, I definitely took the bait and bought both Boscia items. Will review later.

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