Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dove Moisture Care Oil Cleansing

Half way through this 170mL pump bottle of Dove Moisture Care Oil Cleansing so here's a super short review for it.

I don't know why I was hoping for this oil cleanser to be similar to the Sensitive Milk Facial Cleansing Foam. I guess that was just how much I enjoyed using that foaming wash and should probably repurchase ^.^

I guess that makes me slightly unreasonable for being disappointed with this cleansing oil. The texture is like any other cleansing oil, and it's scented with a fragrance that doesn't really stand out. What I don't like is that it doesn't rinse well. Given that it's a cleansing oil, I don't expect it to rinse clean. But I didn't expect it to rinse like a cleansing cream either, leaving behind a film. It's not unbearable, but I'll be moving on after finishing the bottle.

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