Sunday, May 8, 2016

Hana Facial Cloth

I stumbled onto these Hana Facial Cloths at the local groceries and bought several for myself and my mum.

Rose Mure Facial Cloths were my first facial cloths, received from a Japanese friend. There's an entire market of cloth towels here in Japan. Facial towels, handkerchiefs, you name it. Many ladies use them in form or another, mostly as hand towels, which is much more environmentally friendly than paper towels at public restrooms, or as sweat towels, something they dab their forehead, neck, decolletage, etc. on a hot and humid day.

So how are these facial towels different? They're softer and more velvety. I use mine with toners, because I feel bad throwing away cotton pads everyday. I soak up a spot on the towel with toners and wipe my face. Then I wash the towel along with my laundry and hang dry, avoiding any dryer sheets or softeners ^.^

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