Friday, May 27, 2016

Senka Body Oil Essence

Back in January, I bought two 200mL bottles of Senka Body Oil Essence, one in a Relax Floral scent (pink) and the other Unscented (blue). More than half way through the Relax Floral so here's a review.

Let's just say I'm so glad I saved these until now when humidity is at 70%+ every day. This is definitely for summer or humid season use. It's a super lightweight and lovely body milk despite the heavier-sounding name. There's zero oiliness in this stuff. None.

After showering, before drying off I just smooth this on all over. The task is quick because it slips and slides no differently than if you were to apply lotion to wet skin. Only lotion washes right off and this stuff doesn't. I rinse my hands afterwards and the slipperiness is gone but the softness remains, keeping my skin comfortable throughout the next day. Despite the higher humidity, I don't get the sticky icky feeling like I do with body lotion, probably because the lotion just sits on top of my skin while this stuffs absorbs a bit better.

Yup, I already bought another bottle...


Anon0o0 said...

How's the scent? Dies the unscented perform just as well?

D. said...

Hi Anon0o0,

The "Relax Floral" scent was very mild, not at all overwhelming, and not particularly floral either. I did enjoy it.

The unscented version is the exact same product minus the scent. So yes, it performed just as well.

Thanks for reading and commenting.


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