Saturday, January 28, 2017

Tokyo Eats - In the neighborhood Part V

The last of the neighborhood food photos, though not the last of the Tokyo Eats series as I'm still sorting through my photos.

Check out this beauty I spotted in a tunnel in my old neighborhood. The left wing tip had a small tear :(

Kinkatsu right outside of Kamiyacho Station serves up tantan men (aka dandan noodles) and other, erhhh, Japan-ized Taiwanese noodle soups. We walk by this place all the time but it was always crowded so we never went in. Then one night when we were bored with everything else and the place seemed vacant enough, we tried their tantan men. Really good, but holy hell it was salty. I thought I already eat too much salt (and I do!) but these noodles tasted like a block of salt! We never went back.

The Lounge at Atago Green Hills Tower changed their menu again for the summer, and D&E started frequenting the place again, bringing us along each time.

They brought back that unagi don that impressed me so when I first ate their with our friends D&E. Not only that, they introduced a new rice bowl--oyako don with added yuba, and boy it was delicious!

I also started trying their different salads. There was a quinoa salad with a grilled fish and holy crap it was delicious!

The rest of the crew tried to branch out, unlike me who stuck to my two dons like there was no tomorrow ^.^" Oh, the curry was delicious also, and I don't even like Japanese curry!

Hubby looking bored one weekend lunch...

Of course, desserts were always a part of our meals together, because omg they brought back that delectable pear tart. So damn good.

One afternoon hanging out with D., she took me back to the spa area and I snuck in a few more photos ^.^

During the summer, the Toranomon Hills Building had a Chita whiskey advertisement exhibition.

On our last visit to the building, they had live classical music performance, which was pretty awesome.

Hubby and I didn't frequent Arbol as much as they got so busy and crowded all the time. Couldn't blame them even if we wanted to. Food there was consistently delicious.

Had lunch again one last time at Above Grill & Bar and thought it was great. Since hubby and I first arrived to Tokyo, the place really improved both in terms of food and service. Good for them!

Finally tried Tocho's course meal for lunch and it was decent enough that I brought hubby back for a second opinion.

Hubby agreed too that it was good. Not great, but good. And the course was a lot of food for one person, and we were stuffed by the time dessert came around. This is all just one person's portion!

They should probably fix their menu though. Not sure if "greenstuff" sounds very appetizing ^.^"

I still go to Bebu on the ground floor of the Andaz Hotel a lot, not just for their fries but also for unlimited refill of teas, and mini eclairs too of course ^.^

Towards the end of my brother's visit, on the night of October 1st we went for dinner there. They'd changed the menu to include lots of beers, ham, and sausage options for Oktoberfest.

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Citrine said...

Those mini eclairs are so cute!

Speaking of which, I need to get my ass to chibatown to buy some green stuff...

D. said...

And they were delicious too! GAH how I wish we could run away to Japan right now!!!! >.<"

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