Monday, April 17, 2017

Kamatora Delivery Part III

One of my most favorite Japanese foods is kamameshi, basically rice cooked in an iron pot with various pre-cooked toppings added at the last minute. So of course coming back to Tokyo means seeking out our favorite kamameshi delivery--Kamatora. Thank goodness they were still around and like Nabezo and Botejyu, they'd only gotten better over time. 

We were thrilled, as you can tell ^.^ And I tried to branch out and try different things on their menu too.

So yes, we ordered delivery from them quite a few times, especially when we were too lazy to cook or go out or had visitors. When my family visited us during the holiday season 2015, my mom and dad loved this stuff so much we ordered in twice ^.^

Ground chicken and shredded eggs (one of my favorites options) and white fish with steamed veggies (hubby's favorite).

A few times we tried their odamaki mushi, savory egg custard only without any udon. There was a regular option with bits of chicken, crab meat, and ikura (top left), and there was a bigger option with mixed seafood (top right).

Regular (top row) and mixed seafood (bottom) odamaki mushi.

There were other side items we ordered that I didn't take photos of, like fried chicken and fried wings that I could never say no to. They also had killer dessert options as well--their seasonal ice cream flavors were spectacular! One of my absolute favorite was salted milk with azuki beans, seriously some of the yummiest ice cream I had. I loved it so much several times I ordered half a dozen sides of ice cream along with our meals. I mean, what good is a freezer if I didn't use it? xD

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