Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tokyo Eats - Ebisu Area

Another area hubby and I occasionally strolled through was Ebisu, most of the time for coffee from this Sarutahiko Coffee shop. The place was always busy, so we often get ours to go. It was only every once in a while that we actually found ourselves a seat. We liked the place enough to have bought 3 mugs from them and proceeded to lug all home as souvenirs ^.^

Hubby's go-to was the cappuccino, while I tried different things on the menu, the mocha, the caramel latte, the seasonal offerings. I think my favorite seasonal item they served was this coffee jelly drink (right photo). The first time I had it, I was hanging out with my friend T. Upon taking a sip, I told her there was citrus in my coffee jelly but she didn't believe me. I guess citrus and coffee made an unusual enough combo, so she flagged one barista down to ask. Sure enough, they confirmed there was a squeeze of orange in the coffee jelly, which to me was a brilliant twist. Just that little bit of orange made the whole thing bright and phenomenally flavorful. So I kept ordering that coffee jelly on subsequent trips until they stopped serving it. Over all, we'd recommend this coffee shop if you're in the area.

Another place hubby and I went a few times with friends was Sakaeya, a Japanese restaurant with private dining spaces. I thought the food there was decent, though nothing out of this world. I liked their yakitori and, of course, the Japanese desserts ^.^

One time, someone got creative and ordered squid sashimi in squid ink (top left). Hubby was game to try one bite, and the only description he could muster was, "fishy." LOL! I didn't try, because I knew what I was getting into and I had no interest in fishy squid ink. The chicken wings though were another story. I could eat that whole plate by myself ^.^

Been to this Burger Mania a few times too, just to try out different places. Though the consensus was that Roti Roppongi still served up the best burgers and fries (and salad!!!). But Burger Mania had interesting decor at least!

I wish the fries weren't cut so thick, because they weren't crunchy at all.

Their coffee was okay too.

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