Monday, May 8, 2017

DHC Olive Hand Cream

Finished this 55g/1.9oz. tube of DHC Olive Hand Cream a while back so here's a super short review for it.

I had this cream on my nightstand, and I put some on nightly right before going to bed. As noted on DHC's USA website, this cream is indeed unscented, however I thought it was rather greasy and seemed to just sit on top of my skin. As in it felt okay after application, but as soon as I washed my hand it was gone. Even more frustrating was that my hand felt just as dry and rough the next morning, as if I hadn't put anything on the night before. Will not repurchase.
On the other hand, I've started using another tube of DHC Medicated Hand Cream, this one I bought in Tokyo, and it's marvelous. Will review next.

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