Sunday, June 25, 2017

rinRen Non-Additive Shampoo Yuzu & Ginger

Finally getting around to use the 400mL refill pouch of rinRen Non-Additive Shampoo Yuzu & Ginger. I bought this along with a different scent, Rose & Tsubaki, last year at Natural Lawson for quite a hefty price, 1,300yen for this refill pouch (or 1,900yen for the 520mL pump bottle).

I'd already review this line of shampoo in details so I won't repeat. And I didn't mention this in the review for the Rose & Tsubaki, but these clear and colorless shampoos are really thin and runny. They feel more like Japanese liquid hand soap than shampoo.

This particular scent smells more gingery to me with only a slight citrus note, which turns the whole thing lemongrass. I don't discern any yuzu at all. Over it's a decent shampoo, though I won't repurchase. These aren't readily available outside of Japan, and even if they were I'd expect them to be heavily marked up. Not worth it.

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