Sunday, August 5, 2018

Addiction the Eyeshadow Part III

Added a few more to my Addiction the Eyeshadow collection earlier this year ^.^" Call it a pink-mauve-plum phase, but I saw these colors all over Instagram and Suqqu Designing Color Eyes 04 絢撫子 (Ayanadeshiko) Mauve Pink & Deep Bordeaux helped do away with my fear of mauvey eye colors. Here are 080 Cry Baby (P), 085 Shanghai Breakfast (P), 087 Gypsy Queen (P), and 096 Blue Moon (P), the last of which I'd wanted to pick up long ago when hubby and I were still in Tokyo.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I wonder why I waited so long to pick up these colors, because they're beautiful! I should have paid more attention to the tester board when I was in Tokyo, perhaps even swatch all the 99 colors, crazy as it sound. Next time, next time. Either way, I'm happy to finally have these on hand.

- 080 Cry Baby (P): shimmer, low intensity. A dusty tawny pink that's just the perfect lid shade for lazy days. The color is just lively enough to open up my eye area and makes me look awake, at the same time not screaming bright.

- 085 Shanghai Breakfast (P): shimmer, medium intensity. A dusty mauve that makes a nice medium/crease shade.

- 087 Gypsy Queen (P): satin, high intensity. A deep plum with fine shimmers and a luminous satiny finish. Makes an awesome liner shade.

- 096 Blue Moon (P): semi-metallic, high intensity. A gorgeous navy with a semi-metallic royal blue sheen. Oh man, my swatches do not do this color any justice. It just lights up in natural light! That said, the texture of this particular color is dry and somewhat gritty, like super fine sandpaper. This was a bit disappointing, but I'll overlook that given how awesome the color is.

Top row: 080 Cry Baby and 085 Shanghai Breakfast
Bottom row: 087 Gypsy Queen and 096 Blue Moon

Here are some comparisons for your viewing pleasure :)

021 Love Affair, 080 Cry Baby, and 085 Shanghai Breakfast, with Love Affair dustier and leaning taupe next to Cry Baby.

043 Dangerous Liaison and 087 Gypsy Queen, the former is eggplant and the latter is deep plum.

040 Dolly Bird and 096 Blue Moon, with Dolly Bird holding its own next to Blue Moon. See how Dolly Bird appears charcoal when looked at directly but flashes royal blue when seen from an angle? Killer. Also, the swatch photos are in reverse order with Blue Moon at left and Dolly Bird at right.

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Citrine said...

Now you got addition's version of suqqu tsukiakari!

If you like these mauve wine you would love visee amuro namie 02 (actually you dont need it as you have the higher end addition anyway). That namie collection is so marked up online...

D. said...

Hi Mina,

Tsukiakari without the cream or the matte ^.^

The Visee x Amuro Namie 02 looks really interesting actually. I saw swatches via Shock is Good's blog (that's the name of the blog, right?). May be I can find it on Rakuten JP not so marked up.


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