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Spending a year in Japan back in 2005-2006 turned me into a skincare and cosmetic enthusiast. That said, by no means I am claiming expertise in either. All reviews on this blog are my own opinion based on personal experience.

Every item reviewed on this blog I purchased myself with my own money, so there are no PR hands behind my raves or rants (not that there is anything wrong with reviewing PR-sent products). Either way, if I dislike a product that much I reserve the rights to tear it apart and smash it to pieces. If a product works well for you and you love it, I am happy for you. If the product you love does not work for me and I hate it, that is life. No offense is meant and therefore, none should be taken. I would love it if you share your experience with me, be it good or bad, but please, no flame-throwing. Discourteous comments will be deleted.

Starting September 2011, I will post "preview" info posts with pictures, swatches, and descriptions of a product based on initial testing and sampling. These are not reviews and should not be treated as such. I do realize many of my older posts do not contain swatches of the product and I intend to leave them that way. If you would like to see a swatch, just request one in the comment and I will do my best if I still have the product on hand.

Finally, because this is a blog dedicated to my hobby, solicitations in disguise of legitimate comments will not be published.

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