Tuesday, June 4, 2019

RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes N Part IV

I have a few other RMK items I still haven't gotten around to photograph (brow powder, cheek stick, etc.), but this Ingenious Powder Eyes N in 23 Red Brown was a 2017 summer release that Selfridges UK never picked up, which meant I had to hunt it down personally (thank you, Rakuten JP!).

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Since this is in a series, I'll just go straight to the color description. 

- 23 Red Brown: shimmer, medium intensity. Is more like a red or tawny beige. I've been seeing red beige around, though mostly in the form of lipsticks. Over the years, pretty much every lipstick line I saw in Japan had at least a few red beige variations. It wasn't until these past couple of years that red beige trended in eye shadows, and for good reasons, I think. It's not really red, as you can see. For someone with really warm yellow skin tone like me, a certain degree of red makes me look like I just came in from a horrible seasonal allergy day--red eyes, red nose, red cheeks. It's not just beige either, which I think is best for a base wash and for highlighting but is otherwise boring. This particular red beige gives me just the right around of depth without turning red or being boring. I love it and am so glad I hunted it down.

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Citrine said...

This shade is so pretty and unique! It's too marked up online so I will need to add to my Japan shopping list...

D. said...

Hey Mina,

It truly is unique among my stash. That said, in the past couple of years Addiction also released several similar colors. I've pulled them out of their drawer yesterday and will do a comparison update soon.


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