Sunday, August 24, 2008

Maquillage Glossy Gloss

So I finally gave in and got the Maquillage Glossy Gloss. They're kind of pricey, but the triple-layer ones are so beautiful I couldn't resist :P I have only tried 1 so far though, so I will review the rest later!

There are currently 4 colors available in the triple layer packaging: #72, 73, 74, and 75. #72 and 73 are sheer translucent glosses while #74 (peach) and 75 (pink) have a bit more color, although still translucent.

From left to right: Maquillage Glossy Gloss in #72-75. Click on the picture to see a larger version.

***Picture from JK Online Beauty.

The bottom layer is the most dense and usually most pigmented with very fine shimmers. The middle layer also has shimmers but is generally on the pearly side and not as pigmented. The top layer is translucent with more glittery shimmers. No worries, they're not chunky glitters at all so the gloss feels very smooth still.

#72: Very sheer in indeed! It ends up being a clear glistening orangy color, very pretty! I love translucent sheer glosses!!! It has a very faint fruity scent which doesn't bother me at all.

As you have probably noticed, these glosses come in a white plastic tube with a nifty spatula applicator. It's my first time trying a gloss with an applicator that is not a spongy or doe foot type that are standard with the vast majority of glosses out there. The spatula looks like a dull spear head, it is clear and is flexible. And I must say, it does a really good job of spreading the gloss around on my lips! Actually, I would even say it does a much better job than the traditional sponge or the doe foot applicator! Not only it's flexible and I can draw precisely along the shape of my lips, its slender and spear head shape allows me to get close to the corners of my lips without smearing. Pretty neat, huh?

The gloss itself is very thick, I would even say a bit more substantial than Stila It Gloss, only not as sticky. I haven't given it the gym and shower test yet though, so I can't really say it beats Lancome Juicy Tubes in staying power. But so far, I do notice it lasting for freaking ever! I like these better than Stila's (sorry Stila!).

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