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Sun Protection! Part II

Below are my sunscreen history, filled with trials and errors. Not that I know that much more now, just a bit of experience...

Olay Complete All Day UV Moisture Lotion SPF 15
My sister and I used to use this in our high school days, and I think she was still using it up until last year before switching to Lancome Aquafusion. Yeah, I know, these are lotion, not sunscreen, but I used to think that's what sunscreen is! My very first big mistake! If I'd have to use 1/4 teaspoon of *real* sunscreens just to get the labeled SPF, and products like these probably have only a percentage of sunscreen by volume, think about how much of them I'd have to use to get that puny SPF 15! If this Olay lotion contains 25% sunscreen by volume, I'd have to use a whole teaspoon of it on my face! But of course they don't tell you that on the label now, do they? Urgh.

***Picture from Olay.com.

I'm glad I know better now, and the lotion used to make my face all shiny and greasy anyway. Yuck. If you like Olay, it's better to just use one without the SPF and wear a good sunscreen on top for *real* protection.

Lancome Aquafusion Lotion & Cream SPF 15
Same mistake as above, unfortunately. I started out with the non-SPF ones, and I really should have just stuck with them and wear a separate sunscreen...

***Pictures from Lancome USA.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sun Block SPF 70
I first effort to make a change after learning I've been duped. Granted, I didn't start out with the SPF 70. Back then, the highest one Neutrogena made was SPF 45, I think. So I tried it on top of my lotion. And to my horror, it had zero substantivity. Not only that, it melted in the presence of my lotion, seeping into my eyes and burn them like crazy. I then tried to use it only my neck and arms, but again it melted, even in the dry heat of Colorado, and made me a sticky icky mess! Another thing I had issue with is that this sunscreen claims to be "sunblock" when it really is a chemical sunscreen. See why I really really hated it?

***Picture from Neutrogena.com.

Clarins UV Plus Protective Day Screen SPF 40
Before going to Japan, I thought about my daily struggle with Neutrogena and came to the conclusion that there was no way I'd do the same given the humidity and heat in that lovely country. So during my quest for a lighter and more manageable sunscreen, I came across this one. A red flag initially went off when the Clarins SA insisted to me that it's not technically a sunscreen but instead a "day screen," whatever the hell that means, however, I ignored my intuition and brought it with me to Japan.

***Picture from Clarins USA.

I've read that this thing is, in fact, a physical sunblock lotion, and with an estimated PPD 8, it's pretty darn good! It was exceptionally light, even more so than the Shiseido SPF 55 and didn't bother my eyes a bit, even when the instructions say to keep it away from the eyes.
Cons: Unfortunately, it had more bad points than good. First of all, it had zero substantivity. One wipe with the hand or tissue and it was off! Secondly, it didn't sit well on top of my lotion and turned my face oil-slick. Thirdly, the bottle was tiny, about 3.5 inches in height containing 30 mL for all of the $36 I paid for it. Plus, Clarins was just as devious as the others and didn't say anything about using 1/4 teaspoon, so out of my ignorance I used several drops! Needless to say, I didn't get much protection and my face was red and tanned the whole time I was in Japan!

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion & Cream SPF 55 PA+++
Embittered with my failure in finding a good sunscreen, upon coming home from Japan I gave these two a try, even though I had to change my daily routine to include the oil cleanser needed to take them off every night.

***Pictures from Shiseido USA.

Absolutely substantive and mattefying, it zapped all the oil on my face and gave me beautifully clear skin for the first time in my life! Plus, I came in a generous bottle for the same price as Clarin's.
Cons: Yes, it cleared out my skin, but because it absorbed every bit of oil on my face! My skin was wrung dry! So dry, in fact, that I started seeing fine lines and wrinkles I never saw before! I substituted with the cream version, but that didn't help at all, not to mention the much heavier texture and finish. Sad. Very sad, indeed.

Lancome Soleil Ultra Expert Suncare SPF 50
While I was using the Shiseido stuff for my face, I used this for my neck and body. Just didn't feel like washing my neck and arms with an oil cleanser everyday too, you know? This stuff was pretty good, decently priced, substantive enough but not so stubborn that it wouldn't wash off. My only complaint is that it's overwhelmingly fragranced. But if you don't mind that, give it a try.

***Picture from Lancome USA.

Even my mom liked this enough to use it for her face because she didn't want to add another facial cleanser to her routine. So far, she says it's good too. It turns her face a bit shiny towards the end of the day, but it doesn't irritate her eyes or clog her pores.

California Baby SPF 30+ Sunblock Stick
After the Shiseido SPF 50 deep fried my skin, I thought may be all the chemicals in it are to blame, so I went through an organic sunblock phase and tried out this one.
Pros: no eye irritation, smelled decent - a citrusy scent that reminded me of Tang, dried to a semi-matte finish after rubbing in.
Cons: impossible to rub in, left behind horrendous white cast, the decent scent turned sour and disgusting towards the afternoon (so bad hubby wouldn't even kiss me!!!), turned my t-zones shiny in the afternoon, low substantivity, clogged the hell out of my pores, creased all makeup except for blush, and worst of all, my face tanned after several weeks of using this and my face almost NEVER tans!!!

***Picture from Californiababy.com.

Badger SPF 30
Turned to this one after the California Baby sunblock stick failed.
Pros: surprisingly, it was rather moisturizing! Unscented, at least not that I noticed.
Cons: very thick and pasty and therefore extremely difficult to rub in, left very apparent white cast, low substantivity yet very pore-clogging, creased all makeup including blush! Again, my face also tanned with this one, so I stopped using it immediately after noticing the tan.

***Picture from Badgerbalm.com.

Bioderma Photoderm MAX Fluide SPF 50+ PPD 35
Disappointed with the organic sunblocks' failure, I decided to give European sunscreens a try. People were raving about the high PPD protection, so I was dying to see how suitable it is for my skin.
Pros: the protection, of course! This one was light yet very moisturizing, even for my dry combo skin. It did leave a very shiny film after application, but I found that skipping moisturizer eliminated this problem. It actually went on dewy and dries to a semi-matte finish on bare skin, much like the Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream SPF 55 PA+++
Cons: this stuff burned like hell!!! If you would believe it, it stung my eyes during application around the forehead and chin - not even close to the eye areas! I was guessing the culprit must be the Avobenzone or the Tinosorbs? I wasn't sure which it was then. After just 1 week (that felt like an eternity) of watery and irritated eyes, I couldn't take it anymore and gave up :( The sunscreen never really absorbed into my skin anyway. Yes, it dried to a semi-matte finish on bare skin but would slowly separates and shifts around in patches as the day wore on. I looked so awful by the afternoon that I had to wipe it all off and reapply. Also, perhaps because it never really absorbs into my skin, it had ZERO substantivity! Forget the "water resistant" claim!

Bioderma Photoderm MAX Lait SPF 50+ PPD 35

Tried this one after the Fluide above didn't work. This one had a much better finish than the Fluide, better absorption and even more matte, but, boy, I was sorry still. I got all the trouble I did with the Fluide (see the Cons above), and then some. After just one more week, my face had exploded in such horrific acne I thought my skin was reverting to its puberty days! Ack!

***Pictures from Bioderma International.

Eau Thermale Avene Ultra High Protection Lait SPF 50+
So I theorized my skin couldn't tolerate Avobenzone and tried one without it! This lovely sunscreen uses Tinosorbs and no Avobenzone for UVA protection, but unfortunately, I learned with this trial that it wasn't Avobenzone my skin couldn't tolerate. It was actually the Tinosorbs all along!!! Anyhow, it broke me out again, and much worst than last time! Sigh...

Eau Thermale Avene High Protection Lait SPF 40 for Children
This one has the best finish out of all 4 European sunscreens I tried, and it's also alcohol and fragrance free. But again, my skin couldn't take Tinosorbs, so now I'm using these 4 for my neck and body. Funny, isn't it? The ingredient doesn't bother my neck and body at all, all the while wrecking havoc on my face. I just don't get it!

***Pictures from Tubotica.com.

Sofina Perfect UV SPF 50 PA+++ Lucent
So, after many a sunscreens (and a couple of sunblocks) later, I just didn't want to go back to Shiseido SPF 55. I was just so sick of piling on a ton of moisturizers on my face and still looking like 100, so I started looking for a similarly textured but less drying sunscreen and, thanks to MUA, I've arrived at this awesome little angel!
Pros: It does everything the Shiseido SPF 55 does minus the drying factor. The finish is also mugh lighter! I could barely feel it on my face even when I use the 1/4 teaspoon amount! It is also fragrance-free, and it keeps my skin matte to the very end of the day until I take it off (the Shiseido did not, as drying and mattefying it was!). The bottle is about half the size of the Shiseido bottle, and thankfully it's also half the price. Using it daily, one bottle lasts me about 10 weeks.
Cons: its PPD is only about 8-10, but since I'm never under the sun for more than 15 minutes at a time without cover, I guess it's okay. I'm just so happy my search ended with a great and affordable sunscreen! Hooray!!!

See the ingredients list translated from Japanese.

***Picture from Adambeauty.com.

See the first Sun Protection! post.

Sun Protection!

This may sound funny, but I really had to gather all my energy for just this one post, so here we go. This is a totally watered down version as I'm not going to go into too much details. However, I do have links for you to read on, and you can always explore for yourself too - try Google :D In all honesty, I'm no sunscreen expert and all I know is from what I've read thus far. So if I've posted incorrect or misinformed information, please do educate me. I'm always very interested in the subject of sun protection.

The Basics
You should wear some sort of sun protection with a minimum of SPF 15. If you love the outdoors or are on higher elevation where the UV index is stronger (because among other reasons, there's obviously less atmosphere to filter it for you!), I strongly recommend a minimum of SPF 30. Some people would even say you must wear sun protection daily. No, I'm not paranoid, nor am I a vampire/zombie/creature of the dark who's somehow afraid of the sun. Wearing sunscreen is just a healthy practice, that's all, like avoiding trans fat and regular exercise.

The Next Step
Your sunscreen/sunblock has SPF 30, so you're all set, right? Well, that's what its maker wants you to think. The truth is, in order to get the labeled SPF you'll need about 1/4 teaspoon of the stuff for your face and another for your neck, more or less depending on the surface area of your face and neck. Why? Because that's the amount used during testing to come up with the labeled SPF, but of course you're not going to find that printed on the label. Sneaky? No doubt. Is it true? Absolutely. Don't believe me? Read it for yourself from the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health.

That's a lot of goo, huh? What, there's no way you'll goop that much on your face and then your neck? Well then, you'll get 1/3 to 1/10 of the labeled SPF, depending on how little of an amount you use. So let's do the math, 1/3 of SPF 30 is 10, and 1/10 is 3 - GASP!!! Hello sunburn, sun spots (no, not those sun spots on the Sun!), discoloration, premature aging, wrinkles, or worst yet, skin cancer! The moral of the story is - the higher the SPF, the better (sort of), so don't cut corners with the bare minimum.

The Next Level
So now you're up to SPF 70, and all is peachy, correct? Not exactly. In short, UV rays comprise of UVA and UVB rays. UVA causes tanning and photoaging (premature aging, skin damages, breaking down collagen in the skin faster than if a person were to age naturally, etc.), and UVB causes tanning and burning. UVA protection is loosely described by a PPD rating, and UVB protection is quantified in the SPF rating. Now, in all the sunscreens/sunblocks you've seen in the US, have you seen any labels showing a PPD rating? No? That's right, because sunscreen/sunblock makers in the in US do not quantify their PPD ratings. Why? No idea.

So all this time, you've only been protected against UVB and not UVA? Yes, and no, because supposedly, the higher the SPF, the higher the PPD. For example, Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch SPF 70 has a PPD 11-19 (different sources list different numbers), Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection SPF 55 PA+++ has a PPD 8-10, while most other US SPF 30+ sunscreens/sunblocks has a PPD of 4-6. Ever wonder why US sunscreens/sunblocks have such low PPD protection? Because the FDA have yet to approve the key ingredients that have been proven to provide effective UVA protection (except for Meroxyl, which the FDA finally approved in just 2006, 13 years after it has been widely available in Europe!). The Skin Deep article below shows how far behind the US is in terms of safe and effective sun protection with regards to the EU, Australia, and Japan. Pathetic? Yep.

The point is - stick to the strongest sunscreen/sunblock you can tolerate (or afford...). A PPD 8-10 is okay for daily use, when you run errands, get groceries, etc. But if you're going for a run, hike, the beach, or otherwise being under intense sun for more than half an hour, a PPD 8-10 won't do. Some people would even say adequate UVA protection starts at PPD 15+. Try European sunscreens! The majority of of them have a minimum PPD 15!

The Extra Mile
Alright, so why the hell do I bother to distinguish between sunscreens and sunblocks. That's because there's actually a difference! A sunblock provides "physical" protection, forming a physical barrier on top of the skin while a sunscreen provides "chemical" protection, penetrating the top dermis layers and forming a chemical layer. There have been concerns whether the active ingredients in chemical sunscreens have particles small enough on nano scale to be absorbed into the blood streams and becomes toxic to the body (see the Skin Deep article below for more details).

And then there's issue of photostability. Rolling your eyes yet? Don't blame you. What the hell does that mean, right? Well, if you would believe it, depending on formulations, most sunblocks/sunscreens actually breaks down in the sun. Yes, that means their chemical infrastructures collapse and become useless. So when you buy sunscreens, look for one that are photostable. See the 2 Makeup Alley links for a list of photostable sunblocks/sunscreen and how to tell from a product's ingredients whether it is photostable (Warning: it can get technical!).

Next, we have the issue of substantivity. Foaming at the mouth yet? Hang in there. Anyway, most sunblocks/sunscreen don't stay put on your skin, even with the labels claiming water and sweat proof. As far as I'm concerned, the only way to tell how well it sticks is to try it on. If the stuff comes off with a wipe of a tissue (when you sneeze, blow your nose, or simply wiping your mouth during lunch), it has low to zero substantivity. Personally, I recommend the sunblocks/sunscreens that need to be removed with a cleansing oil, simply because they won't budge at all with your average face wash. Now that's substantivity! Woo wee!

Finally, we arrive at the issue of cosmetic elegance. Now, now, stay with me here. We're almost there. Ever try a sunblock/sunscreen on and then taking a double take, thinking you're wearing pasty cork grease? Yeah, that's NOT very cosmetically elegant. Again, in my experience, the most cosmetically elegant sunscreens are, again, ones that need to be removed with a cleansing oil. Because they are water and sweat resistant (mind you, the key word here is "resistant," not "proof" - there is a difference!), they are probably mattefying and even a bit on the dry side.

Okay, alright, that's it!!! Hoorah!!! We're done!!!

The Burning Questions
So, you want to know what's out there. Great! Check out the links below and get your feet wet:
- Sunscreen/sunblock FAQ from MakeupAlley
- A list of UVA-protective sunscreens from MakeupAlley
- An article from Skip Deep: Cosmetic Safety Database on the safety and effectiveness of sunscreens/sunblocks

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Amazing Cosmetics Powderset

I've never heard of Amazing Cosmetics (what else is new? I've never heard of TONS of things!!) prior to this Powderset, but I was desperate for a translucent powder at the time, so I thought I'd give them a try.

When it arrived, I was disappointed with the tiny compact powder. It was only about 2 inches in diameter with an itty bitty pan of powder inside! But then again, I'd rather have it too small than too big, because I don't like my handbag too heavy. But with that said, for $18 it's not exactly a good deal. I hit the pan after only a couple of months of occasional use!

Anyway, the powder is translucent and colorless. It is also a bit chalky and more drying than I'd like. It's okay when I use it on my oily forehead and nose, but on the rest of my face, it would dry out my skin, giving impressions of fine lines. By the end of the day, I'd have dry patches! Can't really recommend this one I'm afraid.

Estee Lauder Aeromatte Ultralucent Pressed Powder

The Estee Lauder Aeromatte Ultralucent Pressed Powder is probably the best translucent set powder I've ever used. With that said, I haven't tried any Japanese brands yet. I haven't been able to find any interesting ones to date, so I switched camp for now :D

The powder is completely colorless and light, delivering a matte veil that lasts all day. It is not fragranced, at least not that I noticed. I use it only on my oily t-zones (forehead and nose) as the rest of my face is dry. When I do use it all over, I am pleasantly surprised it adapts to my dry-combo skin and doesn't give me dry patches like the Amazing Cosmetics Powderset does. And the compact is rather large, so it took me a whole year to hit the pan!

And because the compact is quite large, it is also way too bulky. I absolutely love this powder, but I think they really need to come up with a better and sleeker design because a square box is just ugly!

Stila Convertible Color

My first venture into cream blushes - and I LOVE it!!! I've heard so much about Stila Convertible Color, but I never thought it would work for me. I was so used to the control I have with the powder blush using a brush, so when I thought about having to use my fingers, I wasn't confident I could blend very well. To my absolute delight, these creamy yet sheer colors were a dream to blend even though they are thick. I've even read someone used the term "clay-like" to describe them! More amazingly though, the cream blush dries to a powdery matte and they make me glow like a flawless doll! Holycrap!!! I could never get that result with powder blush! Not that I'm going to retire powder blushes anytime soon, but I think I'm falling hard for cream blushes!

All pictures taken indoor with flash, unless otherwise noted.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lip Balms

I am a lip balm addict! Well, not really, but I do keep one in every room for convenience. So I'm dedicating a whole post to the many lip balms I use and love.

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Soothing Lip Balm
This the best oil-based lip balm I've ever used, hands down! It is minty and fresh and does exactly what it claims to do - soothes! As you can see, it is a translucent milky white. Its consistency is thick but not sticky, and it is so glossy it might as well double as a lip gloss! If I can only carry one lip balm everywhere, I will probably carry this one. I put this on at night before I go to bed and it would still be there in the morning when I wake up!
I have been using this lip balm for a long time now, at least 3-4 years, and I am surprised not too many people know about it. It was really cheap at first, only $5 each. On sale, it goes for $2 - awesome deal! Then Victoria's Secret revamped the packaging and upped the price to $7 each. Even on sale it would still be $5. Oh well, $5 is not so bad for a product I love!

Rosebud Perfume Company

I own every single one of their balms except for the Smith's Mentholated Salve, which I will get later. These salves are all for multi-purpose use on lips, hands, elbows, knees, wherever dry and chapped skin exists. They run about $6-7 each depending on where you buy them.

Smith's Rosebud Salve
The original salve that launched the company. It is oil-based, quite thin in texture and not sticky at all! My only complaint is that because of its thinness, it has zero staying power on my lips! I put it on, and it'll be gone in 15 minutes! Also, the rose fragrance takes a while to get used to, but only because I'm not a rose person and I actually dislike the scent of roses. A minor note - even though it looks red in the picture, it's actually a light translucent salmony pink.

Smith's Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm
I'm not a big fan of this balm, only because it is wax-based. Even though it's got oils in it, it is still, well, waxy! It is quite good though, I just don't like wax-based balms and salve, that's all. If you do, you will probably LOVE this balm! I also use it to keep my raggedy cuticles in check.

Smith's Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm
This balm's is oil-based, so already it passed my test :D It also has a heavier rose fragrance with a tinge of berry, which will probably take me some time to get used to, but it tastes good so I'm not complaining. Not that I eat it or anything, but it's got honey and vanilla in it and they give it a little sweet touch. It is a translucent raspberry pink and has the same consistency as the original Rosebud Salve although with better staying power.

Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm
This is one of my favorite oil-based balms, second only to the Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Soothing Lip Balm! Again, even though I'm not a big fan of rose fragrance, I actually quite like the minty rose scent. It feels so good on my lips - smooth and soothing yet a little tingly from the mint at the same time! It is a translucent tomato red, because it's a little thicker than the original Rosebud Salve, it lasts much longer and has a glossy finish. I absolutely adore this balm! I have one on my desk at work!

White Cloverine Brand Petrolatum Salve
A multi-purpose oil-based salve for chapped skin, but I use it primarily as a lip balm :D It has a lemony scent and similar consistency with Smith's Minty Rose. I like it a lot! And the pot is HUGE -twice as big as Smith's and VS's- for the same price!!!

Sephora Professional Most Complete Lip Balm
I was hoping this to be oil-based, but sadly it is wax-based, so yes, it does feel a bit...waxy. I do like the minty vanilla flavor, only the pot is itty bitty - smaller than the Carmex pot!!! Then again, I got it for only $2 from Sephora.

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Protectant SPF 15
A wax-based chapstick, basically. To be fair, it did last for quite a while on my lips and felt less waxy than your average chapstick, but it also has this chemically smell I just cannot stand. I went through it in a couple of months, so for $17 it's not worth it.

***Picture from Macy's.

Estee Lauder Lip Conditioner SPF 15
Yet another wax-based chapstick in a fancier packaging. This one is doesn't feel as thick as Elizabeth Arden's, but it also doesn't last as long. It does make a nice base for lipstick though as it is not too oily or shiny and gives the lipstick a natural sheen. But that's about it though, so again for $17, you can get better lipstick base (like one of those balms!!!).

Maquillage Lip Essence
This one is not exactly a balm, but it's not really a gloss either. It is a bit shiny and has a translucent pearly tint, but it's consistency is too thin to be a gloss. It's recommended use is as a lipstick base, but I usually just wear it alone like a gloss. It is a very small tube and is quite pricey for $18, excluding international shipping from Japan (or Hong Kong, wherever you get it from).

Aura Science Eye Shadow

Aura Science is another lesser known brand that has gone bellied up over the years. It first surfaced as a stand alone boutique. When that didn't go well, it joined Victoria's Secret in their beauty stores. A couple of years later, it disappeared from the stores too. I guess things still didn't go well :S

I saw this line at the Victoria's Secret beauty store, so out of adventurousness (well, not really, it's Victoria's Secret, after all, nothing adventurous here...) I bought an eye shadow just for kicks.

I like the packaging. It's pearly cream in color and takes the shape of an asymmetrical oval. When you open it, it looks like you're opening up a clam :D Pretty neat. The eye shadow's texture is pretty soft and it didn't crease on my eyes. Too bad the brand didn't survive. I would have liked to see what else it could come up with.

The color I got was Shimmery Nude: shimmer, low intensity, a nude with silver shimmers. A bit too cool for my skin and turns frosty on my eyes. The first time I tried it on, I put on too much and looked like a...well...better not say...

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Mosaic Eye Shadow

After my last post on Victoria's Secret Eye Shadow Palette, I was so curious I just had to buy the updated version of the Mosaic Storm - the Very Sexy Mosaic Eye Shadow in Sultry.

To my utter disappointment, however, not only the formula did not improve, its quality seems to have gotten even worse! I tried to scrape off a thin surface layer, but the powder underneath felt all the same chalkiness and coarse. Other than that, the shades remains pretty much the same.

Esolis Eye Shadows Part II

So I visited my family in Colorado over the holidays...and grabbed the other 2 Esolis Eye Shadows from my sister :P

The Rouge/Blush duo:

Rouge: shimmer, low intensity, a nice maroon with fuchsia shimmers.
Blush: shimmer, very sheer, a translucent soft pink.

The Golden Orchid/Gilded Lily duo. For some reason, this duo's formula is significantly silkier than the other two! Talk about inconsistency!

Golden Orchid: pearl, low intensity, a beautiful pearly cream with gold iridescent. This is probably one of the best white shades I have ever seen!
Gilded Lily: shimmer, medium intensity, a bluish purple with golden shimmers. Makes a very pretty eye liner!

See Esolis Eye Shadows Part I.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Lancome Miscellaneous GWP Palettes Part II

More GWP palettes with 4 Color Design eye shadows and a Blush Subtil. These are the last 2 and are the most recent ones but again, Lancome didn't seem to have made any improvements on their products!!!

- Upper left, Suntouched: see last post for description
- Upper right, Creme Lustre: I don't even understand how this happened, but apparently this shade is completely different with the Color Design Creme Lustre in the last post, even thought they are supposed to be the same shade in the same line of eye shadow! This one is an ashy white with gray undertones, while the one in the last post is definitely a cream! What outrageous inconsistency!
- Lower right, Fashion Forward: metallic pearl, low intensity, a pretty seafoam green with green iridescent and metallic shine.
- Lower left, Couture: matte, medium intensity, a brownish plum that somehow turns muddy on my skin. Aye...
- Blush Subtil in Cedar Rose: matte, very sheer, a pretty nude rose color but is unfortunately so sheer that it doesn't even show up on my fair-medium skin! Boo...

- Upper left, Makeover: metallic, low intensity, a fuchsia pink that has a very nice metallic finish. I guess the picture is a bit over-exposed, but the color is much more pronounced than it looks in the photo
- Upper right, Pink Ice: shimmer, very sheer, a soft powder pink
- Lower right, Volcano: shimmer, low intensity, a gray that shows hints of beige on my skin
- Lower left, The New Blue: shimmer, low intensity, a silvery navy that claims to be metallic but is not. Sadly, it is also very dusty and its shimmers flake.
- Blush Subtil in Rose Fresque: matte, very sheer, a pretty rose pink color that is barely visible on my skin

See my previous Lancome Miscellaneous GWP Palettes post.

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