Japan How I Love Thee Series

Below are reasons why I love Japan. Superficial or not, small things like these make me appreciate the country I'm living in. These reasons are not in order of importance, more like the order I happened upon them. Of course, being a series this page is a work in constant progress as I will keep adding on more reasons as I encounter them.

1. Portion of the food. Yes, itty bitty, but that means I won't guilt-trip myself into finishing a gigantic plate of food because I absolutely hate wasting food, and then pay dearly later in terms of pounds (no, not the British form of currency). Plus, smaller portions means I can eat a wider variety of dishes and still have room for a variety of desserts. Ha, as if the pounds stops the piggie in me!

2. Daiso and other chain 100yen stores where I can get super cute dishes, bowls, plates, cups, what have you, all for 100yen each with the vast majority made right here in Japan!

3. Discount department stores like Daiei and Don Quixote, where I can get decent quality things and not burn a hole in my pocket.

4. There is a patisserie at every turn and my sweet tooth will never be deprived of its cravings. Ever. Yes, some patisseries are better than others, but hey, they're everywhere! If I don't like one, I can always find another. Oh, the beauty of competition.

5. I can find a damn fine knife to cook with that didn't bleed my bank, though it did bleed me because that's just how freakin' sharp it is! Others may not care which knife they use so long as it cuts, but I do care (and quite a lot actually) because I cook rather frequently and my knife not only has to cut but it has to cut with precision. And I have to say this to those who thinks they have to spend a good hundred or two for a good knife - suckahs!!! So far, I haven't had to sharpen this knife yet. And yes I will be lugging it home on my next trip, though I'm definitely checking it because the TSA probably won't buy the "toy knife" lie.

6. Magazines and mooks with awesome freebies! Need I say more?

7. Cosmetic and skincare heaven! And I have this whole blog to prove it!

8. Random but delicious finds like the Turkish kebab truck.

9. Parcel delivery services! Services like Kuroneko will deliver all day until 8PM on weekdays and 6PM (I think) on weekends. Yes, weekends! They don't ever rest here, it seems. I have received packages on New Year Day even! Miss a delivery? No problem. Just call the automated re-scheduler at the number indicated on the missed-delivery slip. If it's a weekday and you call 15 minutes before 6PM, they'll redeliver before 8PM on the same night, if you call after that, they're redeliver the next day. The best part is that for the past 5-6 months, hubby and I have placed countless delivery orders, and so far we have yet to receive a package that arrived in less than perfect condition upon arrival. Wow. Like, wow. Hello UPS, FedEx, are you guys listening?

Anyway, knowing the vast majority of their customers are on foot, many department stores and consumer businesses like Daiei and Don Quixote offer a delivery service so no one has to haul anything home if they don't want to. The delivery service costs a minimal amount (Daiei charges a ridiculous 330yen per package, regardless of weight) and deliveries are often made on the same day if the purchase was made by a certain time or next day after that. Once a notice of shipment is emailed to me, my purchases from Amazon Japan, Rakuten, HMV Japan had never taken more than 3 days to arrive with most show up the next day or the day after. Amazing.

10. Purikura!!! What a fun way to create hilarious pictures that will keep everybody laughing for a very, very long time! What fond memories to look back to.

11. Karaoke. Yes, I know this is a love or hate thing, and I just happen to love it :P

12. The immense public trust that is present even in a mega metropolis such as greater Tokyo. In general, stealing is considered a shameful/dishonorable act and it's a common sight in everyday life that children as young as 5 commute to and from their kindergarten schools unaccompanied! I see them on the subway (train, bus, etc.) all the freakin' time and the sight never fails to amaze me. Respect.


Unknown said...

I love Japan too.. Was there for the summers this year and I can sooo relate to all that u've mentioned here^^ Love how u called Print Club- 'purikura' So typical Jap ^^
do chk out my blogpost on my Japan trip

D. said...

Hi there,

Thank you very much for reading and commenting. I miss Japan very much!


P.S. I know you don't mean it, but - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jap

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