Sunday, January 13, 2008

Aura Science Eye Shadow

Aura Science is another lesser known brand that has gone bellied up over the years. It first surfaced as a stand alone boutique. When that didn't go well, it joined Victoria's Secret in their beauty stores. A couple of years later, it disappeared from the stores too. I guess things still didn't go well :S

I saw this line at the Victoria's Secret beauty store, so out of adventurousness (well, not really, it's Victoria's Secret, after all, nothing adventurous here...) I bought an eye shadow just for kicks.

I like the packaging. It's pearly cream in color and takes the shape of an asymmetrical oval. When you open it, it looks like you're opening up a clam :D Pretty neat. The eye shadow's texture is pretty soft and it didn't crease on my eyes. Too bad the brand didn't survive. I would have liked to see what else it could come up with.

The color I got was Shimmery Nude: shimmer, low intensity, a nude with silver shimmers. A bit too cool for my skin and turns frosty on my eyes. The first time I tried it on, I put on too much and looked like a...well...better not say...

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